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Chpt 3 Derm Gen


anesthetic drug that blocks sensation
antibiotic drug that destroys or opposes growth of microorganisms
antihistamine drug that opposes effects of histamine
antipruritic drug that prevents or relieves itching
antiseptic drug that prevents sepsis by killing microorganisms
edipermal pertaining to the skin
hypodermic pertaining to beneath the skin
percutaneous pertaining to through skin
subcutaneous pertaining to beneath the skin
topical applied directly to the skin
transdermal pertaining to through the skin
chemosurgery removal of tissue destroyed using chemicals
chemotherapy treatment using chemicals
cryosurgery destruction of tissue through freezing
dermabrasion rubbing or scraping away outer surface of skin
electrocauterization using electricity to destroy tissue by burning it
electrodessication using electricity to destroy tissue by drying it
incision & drainage cut into a wound to allow trapped infected liquid to drain
lipectomy removal of fatty tissue
liposuction removal of fatty tissue using a vacuum
onychectomy removal of a nail
onychotomy incision into a nail
rhytidoplasty reconstruction of wrinkled skin
autograft skin transplant using patient's own skin
homograft (allograft) skin transplant using another human's skin
heterograft (xenograft) skin transplant using another species skin
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