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Lesson 8

Medical Terminology Lesson 8: Prefixes and suffixes P- X

pachy thick
pachycephalic abnormal thickness of the skull
para near; departure from the norm
paralgia abnormal pain
path disease
pathology study of disease
penia deficiency
cytopenia lack of cellular elements in the blood
peri around
pericardium around the heart
pexy fixation, suspension
retinopexy surgical repair of a detached retina
phobia fear of
hydrophobia water, fear of
phoresis transmission
diaphoresis perspiration, transmission of sweat
plasty plastic surgical correction
orthoplasty surgical straightening
plegia paralysis; stroke
paraplegia paralysis from the waist down
poly many
polyarthritis arthritis in numerous joints
post after
postmortem after death
pre before
preoperative, pre-op before surgery
pro in front of; on behalf of
proglossis tip of the tongue
pseudo false
pseudodipsia false thirst
ptosis falling
mastoptosis sagging of the breast
re back, again
reflex flex response to stimulation
retro backward
retroflexed bent backward, posterior
rrhaphy suture
cardiorrhaphy suturing of the heart
rhexis rupture
angiorrhexis ruptured blood vessel
scopy exam
bronchoscopy bronchus exam
semi half
semicomatose half-conscious
sphygmo pulse
sphygmomanometer pulse meter
sub below
sublinqual under the tongue
super, supra above
superacute highly severe
sym, syn together
symbiotic dependent on one another
tachy swift, fast
tachycardia rapid heart rate
tele distance
telemetry distance signal monitor interpretation
toxo toxic, poison
toxicoderma skin disease caused by poison
trans across
transfusion transfer of blood into an individual
tri three
tricuspid three cusps
ultra above
ultrasonic high frequency sound
uni one
uniocular having one working eye
xeno foreign
xenograft a graft from one specie to another
xero dry
xerochilia dry lips
Created by: lwhid
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