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Lesson 6

Medical Terminology Lesson 6: Prefixes and Suffixes A through H

a, an without
anencephalic without a brain
ab away from
abduction away from, rotate
ad toward
adduction toward, rotate
algia pain
neuralgia nerve pain
ante before; wall part
antepartum before birth
anti against
antibacterial against bacteria
bi two, double
bilateral two sides
brady slow
bradycardia slow heartbeat
circum around
cirumrenal around the kidney
co, con together
concentric together centre; same centre
de down or away from
dehydrate away from hydration
desis binding; fixation of
arthrodesis surgical fixation of a joint
dia through
diaplacental through the placenta
dys difficult; abnormal
dysemia abnormal blood
ecto outside
ectocornea outer layer of the cornea
ectomy excision
tonsillectomy tonsil removal
endo within
endogastric within the stomach
epi outer, on top of, over
epigastric top of stomach
exo away from
exophthalmus eyes bulging away from
extra outside, beyond
extrasensory beyond senses
ferro iron
ferrokinetics study of iron metabolism
fore before
forehead before head
form shape of
reniform kidney-shaped
graphy writing, record
praphospasm writer's cramp
hemi half
hemiparesis paralysis to one half of the body
hydra, hydro water
hydrophobia water, afraid of
hyper above
hypertension high tension
hypo below
hypothermic below temperature
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