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B set cdcs megamind

hopefully helps out!

MJ–1/B, MHU–83, and MJ–40.
Which part of the MJ–1/B controls the engine speed? Hand throttle located to the left of the steering wheel
Changing the position of the MJ–1B accelerator pedal varies the flow rate of the pump in the hydrostatic drive.
Which part of the hydrostatic drive system is supported by the lift arms and used to hold the munition or store to be loaded? Cradle assembly
The lifting capacity of the MJ–40 lift truck is 10,000 pounds.
Which aircraft loading missions are supported by the MJ–40 lift truck? a. B–1, B–2.
Which loading controls are found only on the MJ–40 lift truck remote? Ram up/down
What number of pounds is the lift capacity of the MHU–83 lift truck? 7,000.
Which fuel type is the MHU–83 lift truck capable of using? Diesel or JP–8.
The controls for adjusting the side frame width of the MHU–83 lift truck are located at the operator’s position only
Which device ensures the boom cannot fall in the event hydraulic power is loss, a component fails, or a line breaks on the MHU–83 series lift trucks? Counterbalance valve.
The MHU–83 lift truck component used to lift the front wheels off the ground to allow side frame width adjustment is the lift boom.
The parking brake on the MHU–83 lift truck is set by closing the locking valve then depressing the brake pedal.
Which variant of the MHU–83 lift truck incorporates a remote control unit and hydraulic servicing lines/connectors to perform tasks that once necessitated the use of the MJ–40 lift truck? MHU–83 D/E.
The purpose of the hydraulic hand pump located on the right hand side of the MHU–83 lift truck is to operate the hydraulic system should the engine quit during loading operations
Which type of movement do bomb lift truck rollers provide during loading? RoTaTioN
How many pounds is the lift capacity of a MJ–1 lift truck with aluminum rollers installed? 3,000
What number of pounds is the lift capacity of an MHU–83 lift truck with aluminum rollers installed. 7,000 doesn't change
Which bomb support rollers may be used with roller extensions? All rollers
Which type of load binder is attached to bomb support beams? Nylon.
How many pounds is the lifting capacity of the sling assembly used on lift trucks or forklift adapters? 4,600.
The proper method to install the extension lift arms on the MJ–1A/B lift truck is by inserting the ends of the arms into slots in the lift arms
Which device must be used when forklift adapters are installed on the lift trucks? Load binders.
What weight is the MJ–40 and MHU–83 series lift truck limited to when using the fork 6,000 pounds drops with forks
Which component is used in conjunction with the MHU–83-series lift truck to load external heavy stores on a B–52 Fork adapter assembly
Which devices attach the fork adapters to the MHU–83-series lift truck’s table assembly? Two quick-release pins.
How many inches is the maximum lifting height when the adapter assembly is inverted on the MHU–83-series lift truck? 107.5
Pylons are attached to pylon handling adapters for mounting or removing from aircraft with the pylons bomb rack hooks.
Which bomb loading adapter is used in loading internal and external stores on the B–52? F310707–500 bomb loading adapter.
Where does the mechanical ram assembly (MRA) receive its power? Through two hydraulic service lines attached to the lift trucks lift boom
How is the mechanical ram assembly (MRA) primarily controlled and operated? The lift trucks remote control unit
How many inches high is the mechanical ram assembly (MRA) when fully extended? 83in
How many pounds is the lift capacity of the mechanical ram assembly (MRA). 5,000.
The maximum load capacity of a MHU–141/M trailer is 5,500 pounds
What number of pounds is the maximum load capacity of an MHU–110/M trailer. 15,000.
How many main rail assemblies can be installed on the deck of the MHU–110/M trailer? 6
How many trolleys and chocks can the MHU–110/M trailer be configured with for round-shaped stores? 24 trolleys and 48 chocks
How many hand brake lever(s) are located on the MHU–226/M munitions handling trailer? 2
The lift capacity of the MHU–204/M and MHU–196/M lift trailers is 40,000 pounds.
To prevent personnel injury or equipment damage, each operational mode of the MHU–204/M and the MHU–196/M lift trailers automatically shuts off when either one of two team members press a remote stop switch or when the “deadman” switch is released on the PCU
DURING TOWING what is the travel of the tow bar of the MHU–204/M and MHU–196/M lift trailers limited to? 45°
Which MHU–204/M and MHU–196/M lift trailer components allow for precise lateral and longitudinal positioning corrections to the lift trailers and load during lifting operations? X-Y pads
Independent operation of either lift arm mechanism on the MHU–196/M lift trailer results in rolling the load
Which MHU–196/M lift trailer component supports the lift arms under transport conditions? Retractable travel locks.
How much air pressure must be in the compressor tank before loading with the MHU–196/M lift trailer 90 psi
How many rounds of ammunition is the capacity of the 20 mm linkless ammunition loading system (LALS 2,100
Which component of the linkless ammunition loading system (LALS) transfers rounds into the gun systems loading adapter? Interface unit.
Which component of the A–10 ammunition loading system (ALS) interfaces with the aircraft during ammunition loads? GFU–7E ALA
During normal loading of the A–10 gun system, where does the ammunition loading assembly (ALA) get its power The aircraft’s hydraulic system
How many different outputs can an A/M 32A–60 generator provide? Three 120 VAC, single phase, 400 hz 120/208 VAC, three phase, 400 hz 28 VDC
Which unit is the only auxiliary power unit (APU) to provide both electrical and pneumatic power? A/M 32A–60.
Which A/M 32A–60 control panel has the switches and controls necessary to operate the direct current (DC) generator and to monitor the DC voltage output of the generator set? DC instrument
What source is the output of the A/M32A–95 Gas Turbine Compressor? Bleed air.
Due to the expansion properties of fuel, an unmodified A/M32A–95 Gas Turbine Compressor fuel tank should not be filled more than approximately how full? ½.
How many instrument/control panels must the operator make use of during operation of the A/M 32A–86 generator set? Three. engine control panel (bottom) generator panel (top) external ac panel (left)
Which A/M 32A–86 control panel contains the gauges and controls required for monitoring the output voltage and amperage of the unit during operation? Generator control
Which panel of the A/M 32A–86 generator set has the circuit breaker to shut off current flow in case of an overload External alternating current (AC).
Which auxiliary power unit serves as an external power source for the MQ–1 and MQ–9 aircraft? Starter cart assembly (SCA).
Which type of power is provided to the MA–1 and MQ–9 aircraft by the starter cart assembly (SCA) for use in avionics systems? 28 VDC
Where is the control panel of the starter cart assembly (SCA) located? Underneath a cover located at the top of the unit.
An operator not required at or in the immediate vicinity of an in-use auxiliary power unit (APU) when they are practice loading inert training munitions
Fighter aircraft may be exempted from the 50-foot distance placement requirements of an auxiliary power unit (APU) during combat or simulated combat operations
Which air compressor may be used to operate small pneumatic tools? MC–2A.
How much air pressure is produced by the MC–2A air compressor? 15 cfm at 200 psi
How many pounds per square inch (psi) is the maximum air pressure you may use for cleaning equipment or work areas 30 psi
Before you connect or disconnect a high-pressure service hose, you must make sure the system is not pressurized
Which power output of a portable floodlight set is used for powering common electrically powered hand tools 115-120 volts, alternating current (VAC).
The FL–1D floodlight can serve as a ground power source for MQ–1 and MQ–9 aircraft when used in conjunction with a/an DCs40–75 “Sorensen” power supply unit
How long can the lights of a FL–1D floodlight must be left off before you should restart them. 10-15 minutes
can you use the floodlight receptacles for external power to operate accessories? Never, these receptacles cannot be used to operate accessories
In which position must the FL–1D floodlight’s platform be placed during towing? Lowered completely
Which additional piece of aerospace ground equipment (AGE) generator set is required during operation of the A/M 32C–10 air conditioner? -60
How far from the supported aircraft should the A/M 32C–10 air conditioner be positioned for optimum unit operating efficiency and safety? 15 to 30 feet.
Which pound per square inch (psi) is the maximum amount of bleed-air pressure that may be applied to the A/M 32C –10 air conditioner? 45 psi
How many operators are required to be present during the operation of the –10 air conditioner? 2
Which additional piece of aerospace ground equipment (AGE) is required during the operation of the polyalphaolefin (PAO)/air cooling cart? None, it is a self-contained system.
How many fluid temperature modes are available on the polyalphaolefin (PAO)/air cooling cart? 2 fwd loop aft loop
Which action must be ensured before making or breaking a connection between the polyalphaolefin (PAO)/ air cooling cart and the aircraft? System is depressurized
The cool-air hatch on the MJ–2A hydraulic test stand is located on the unit, but which location on the unit? top
Which panel(s) of the MJ–2A hydraulic test stand has most of the operating controls? main
If hydraulic fluid comes in contact with your eyes during a MJ–2A hydraulic test stand operation, what should you do? Flush eyes with water and seek medical attention
What reason is necessary for making sure aircraft fittings are clean before attaching hydraulic servicing hoses? Dirty fittings can introduce contaminants to the hydraulic systems causing damage to valves and lines.
Which aircraft(s) require aircraft armament system personnel to use the self-generating nitrogen servicing cart (SGNSC)? F–22 only
When using the self-generating nitrogen servicing cart (SGNSC) why is it important that waste gasses are not allowed to accumulate in an enclosed space? Excess oxygen can pose a fire or explosion hazard
Why is it important to prevent venting the self-generating nitrogen servicing cart (SGNSC) storage tanks in an enclosed space without sufficient ventilation? Large volumes of nitrogen can displace the oxygen in the air if there is inadequate ventilation
Which precaution must be taken prior to attempting to loosen fittings, or removing tubes or hoses when using the self-generating nitrogen servicing cart (SGNSC)? You must vent the pressure from that part of the system through the appropriate valve.
What range in feet is the height of the B–1 maintenance stand? 3-10ft
The maximum static load the B–1 maintenance stand can sustain is 500 pounds
What range in feet is the platform height of the B–4 maintenance stand 3 to 7.
The hand pump for raising the B–4 maintenance stand is located on the platform near the ladder
Which maintenance stand is described as a scissors-type, with a variable-height platform, and mounted on a long-legged caster-equipped base B–5.
What range in feet is the platform height of the B–5 maintenance stand? 7 to 12
Which maintenance stand is described as a nonadjustable 4-foot platform with wheels on the back legs? C–1
Which maintenance stand can be used independently, or can be installed as an extension on the B–1 maintenance stand? C–1
The split-deck maintenance platform is currently being used with which aircraft? B–1B
The lifting capacity of the davit on the split deck maintenance platform is 250-500 pounds
If the split-deck maintenance platform’s tape switches detect an obstruction during an operation, what will the switches stop on the unit? Forward drive, platform extension, and lowering capabilities
What number of pounds is the total lift capacity of the split-deck maintenance platform 2,000
During an operator’s pre-use inspection of aerospace ground equipment (AGE), what action is required by the operator to ensure proper unit operation? Cycle the unit completely through its range of capabilities
Which Air Force Technical Order (AFTO) form(s) is/are used to annotate any defects you may find on your aerospace ground equipment (AGE)? AFTO Forms 244 and 245.
Created by: Treherring15
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