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Unit 3 lvl H

PalabraDefiniciónSinónimo Antónimo
Condescend to come down or stoop voluntarily to a lower lvl; to deal w/ ppl in a patronizing manner deign
Cozen to trick/cheat/swindle dupe, desirve, beguile, inveigle
Enclave an enclosed district/region/area inhabited by a particular group of ppl or having a special character island, subgroup
Forte a person's strong point; what a person does best gift, aptitude, speciality weakness, shortcoming, foible
Gratis (adj) free; (adv) w/o charge (adj) on the house; (adv) freely (adv) for a price
Icon a representation/image of a sacred personage, often considered sacred itself; an image/pic; a symbol; a graphic symbol on a computer monitor display; an object of blind devotion emblem, idol
Interstice a small, narrow space 'tween small things or parts of things gap, slot, crevice, interval, lacuna
Macrocosm the universe considered as a whole; the entire complex structure of something cosmos, entirety model, miniature, microcosm
Mountebank trickster/swindler; charlatan impostor, quack sucker, dupe, "mark", "pigeon"
Paean song of praise/joy/triumph hymn, ode, anthem dirge, elegy, lament, threnody
Persiflage lighthearted joking/talk/writing banter, jesting, repartee, badinage
Plethora overfullness; superabundance; superfluity surplus, surfeit, glut, excess shortage, paucity, dearth, scarcity
Pragmatic concerned w/ practical considerations/values; dealing w/ actions and results rather than w/ abstract theory; stiff in one's opinions down-to-earth; businesslike idealistic, impractical, visionary
Quizzical puzzled, mocking; odd; equivocal peculiar, perplexed, mystified, derisive unequivocal, crystal-clear, unambiguous
Rapacity inordinate greed; the disposition to obtain one's desires by force/extortion/plunder avarice, cupidity, voraciousness liberality, generosity, altruism
Schism a formal spilt w/n a religious organization, any division/separation of a group/org into hostile factions rift, breach united front, reconciliation
Therapeutic having the power to heal/cure; beneficial curative, salutary, salubrious harmful, injurious, deleterious
Virtuoso (n) a brilliant performer; a person w/ masterly skill/technique; (adj) masterly/brilliant (n) expert, master, prodigy, maestro (n) amateur, beginner, novice; (adj) mediocre
Ancillary subordinate; supplementary auxiliar, subsidiary, accessory central, key, primary, principal, main
Bowdlerize to remove material considered offensive (from a book, play, film, etc) censor, purge, expurgate
Created by: et19
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