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Bone remodeling

Bone remodeling fact -occurs throughout life -allows older mineral deposits to be released from home into bloodstream
What happens if removal of bone is faster than replacement? Bones weaken
What does bone remodeling involve (workers) -osteocytes, osteoblasts & osteoclasts
If bone rebuilding predominates (example: working out) what happens? Bones strengthen
Is bone turnover rate high or low? High
What are the effects of exercise on bone? -they adapt to stress -they become thicker and stronger -it stimulates osteoblasts (bone builders)
Bone degeneration -bone degenerates quickly -up to 1/3 of bone Mass can be lost in a few weeks of inactivity
What minerals are required for bone health? -calcium -phosphorus -magnesium -fluoride -iron -manganese
Vitamin C affect on bone Is required for collagen synthesis and stimulates osteoblast differentiation
Vitamin A affect on bone Stimulates osteoblast activity
Vitamins K & B12 Required for synthesis of bone proteins
What maintains calcium in homeostasis -parathyroid hormone -calcitonin
What hormones stimulate bone growth? -growth hormone -thyroxine
What are hormones stimulate bone growth -estrogen -testosterone
What is calcitriol? -made in kidneys -essential for normal calcium and phosphate in absorbtion in digestive tract
How much calcium do your bones store? 90% in addition to other minerals
What is the most abundant mineral in the body? Calcium
What physiological processes is calcium vital to -muscle contractions -nerve impulse transmission
How is homeostasis maintained in bone -two negative feedback loops
What is Parathyroid hormone (PTH) -produced by Parathyroid glands which detect low calcium levels
How do Parathyroid glands increase blood calcium levels? -stimulating osteoclasts activity -inhibits osteoblast activity -increasing interesting absorbtion of calcium by enhancing calcitriol secretion by kidneys -decreasing calcium excretion by kidneys
What is calcitonin Thyroid gland detects high blood calcium levels -is secreted by C cells in there gland -important in children and pregnant/lactating women
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