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medical body terms

adeno gland
dactylo finger
bucc cheek
gingiv gums
oto ear
myo muscle
nephro kidney
rhino nose
oro mouth
osteo bone
myelo spinal cord
naso nose
colo large intestine
chole gallbladder
dermo skin
arthro joint
neuro nervous system
oculo eye
cranio skull
tracho windpipe
spleno spleen
gastro stomach
bronchi air tubes in lungs
hemo blood
angio vessel
arterio artery
carpo wrist
cephalo head
thoraco chest
pulmono lung
costo rib
pancreato pancreas
entero intestine
pharyngo throat
linguo tongue
hepato liver
dento tooth
glosso tongue
cheilo lip
cardio heart
tricho hair
vertebro vertabrate
appendo appendix
blepharo eyelid
Created by: uber1337