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Word anatomy

-logy Study of
Dis Apart, away from
Path/o Disease
Physi/o Nature, physical
-tomy Cutting, incision of
Ana Upward, again, back
Cata Down
Extra Outside, beyond
Home/o Same
Intra Within
Stat,stasis Stand, stoppage, constancy
Co Together
Aqu/e Water
Heter/o Different
Home/o Same
Hydro/o Water
-phil To like
-phobia Fear
-ase Suffix used in meaning enzymes
De Remove
Di Twice, double
Glyc/o Sugar, glucose, sweet
Mon/o One
Poly Many
Sacchar/o Sugar
Tri Three
Cyt/o Cell
Mirc/o Small
Bi Two
Chrom/o Color
End/o In, within
Lys/o Loosening, dissolving, separating
-some Body
Ex/o Outside, out of, away
Hem/o Blood
Hyper Above, over, excessive
Hypo Deficient, below, beneath
Iso Same, equal
Phag/o To eat, ingest
Pin/o To drink
Semi Partial, half
Inter Between
Meta Change
Pro Before, in front of
Tel/o End
Carcin/o Cancer, carcinoma
-gen Agent that produces or originate
Hist/o Tissue
Epi On, upon
Pseud/o False
Blast/o Immature cell, early stage cell
Chondr/o Cartilage
Oss, osse/o, oste/o Bone, bone tissue
Cardi/o Heart
My/o Muscle
Neur/o Nerve, nerve system
Arthr/o Joint
-itis Inflammation
Peri Around
Pleur/o Side,rib
Aden/o Gland
Angi/o Vessel
Ant/i Against
Graph/o Writing
Leuk/o White, colorless
Mal Bad, disordered, diseased, abnormal
Neo New
-oma, onc/o Tumor, swelling
Papill/o Nipple
Ultra Beyond
Iatro Physician, medicine
Idio Self, separate, distinct
Pan- All
Pre- Before
Psych/o Mind
Chir/o Hand
Syn- Together
Aer/o Air,gas
An- Absent, deficient, lack of
Diplo- Double
Myc/o Fungus
Py/o Pus
Staphylo- Grapelike cluster
Strepto- Chain
Tox/o Poison
-cide Kill or destroy
Septic Poison, rot, decay
Corner/o Cornified,keratinized
Derm/o dermat/o Skin
Melan/o Dark, black
Sub- Under, below
AP/o- Separation from, derivation from
Pil/o Hair
Alb/i White
Bili Bile
Cyan/o Blue
-emia Condition of blood
Eryth Red
-ism State of
-sis Condition, process
Scler/o Hard
Created by: Julian&Jada
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