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Ancient Rome

Key Words

Villa Rich Romans owned a large farm house in the countryside
Patrician Wealthy Roman
Plebeian Poor Roman
Domus Rich Romans city house
Insulae Apartment block in which poor Romans lived
Cena Main meal of the day
Tunics Short sleeved knee length clothing that men and women wore.
Colosseum Gladiators use fight in this arena to entertain the Roman people
Circus Maximus Chariot Racing took place in front of 250,000 people in this venue
Aqueducts Channel that transported water to the cities.
Dole Grain that was given freely to the poor from the emperor.
Dowry The girls family would give money or property to her new husband when getting married.
Julius Caesar Famous Roman General
Spartacus Famous Roman slave who led a rebellion in Italy.
Slave A person who was forced to work by their owner for free
Orator A great speaker
Public Fountains The place where poor Romans collected water.
Created by: pjcoughlan