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Ancient Rome


How are some of Rome's biggest buildings, such as the Colosseum still standing? The Romans mixed lime with volcanic ash and rock to create an early form of cement
Roman architecture used pillars, d______ and r_____________ arches. Domes, rounded.
What was the purpose of the Aqueducts? To transport water to the towns and cities
Which one of the following cities was not built by the Romans: Paris, London, Dublin, Cologne Dublin
How did Romans plan their cities? Grid pattern
What impact did Latin have on the English language?
How were Christian treated in the early years of the Roman Empire? Christians were persecuted.
Who legalised Christianity in 313AD? Emperor Constantine
Who were inspired in the 18th century by the politics employed by the Roman Republic? The leaders of the American Revolution
The modern calendar is inspired by _____________ _____________ Julius Caesar.
Created by: pjcoughlan