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Ancient Rome

Roman Woman/ Caesar/ Spartacus

Where was a woman's place in Ancient Rome? A woman's place was seen to be in the home to rear the family.
What was the main job of the mother in Roman times? To run the household, give orders to the slaves and rear the kids.
What was the difference between the education of a Roman boy and girl? Boys went on to secondary education whilst girls stayed at home after primary education to prepare for marriage.
At what age were girls allow marry in Roman Times? 12 years old
What was a dowry? A dowry was money or property given from the girls family to her new husband.
Why were women encouraged to have large families in Roman Times? Many children died at birth or at a young age.
Frescoes are paintings done on wet plaster
Name the famous Roman army general who was born in 100BC? Julius Caesar.
Where did Caesar show himself to be an able soldier and officer in 80BC? Turkey
How many times did Caesar marry? 3
What did Caesar achieve whilst governor of Spain? He brought peace amongst warring tribes.
What popular reform did Caesar introduce when he returned to Rome?
Name two countries that Caesar conquered whilst governor of Gaul in France? He conquered Belgium and Britain.
What action did Caesar take in 49BC that triggered a civil war? Caesar crossed the Rubicon River and marched on Rome to attack his former ally Pompey.
What reform did Caesar make to the calendar? He changed the year from 355 to 365 days and added the month of July.
How did Caesar die? He was assassinated by senators on the 15th March, 44BC.
What famous quote did Caesar say after winning a battle in Asia? I came, I saw, I conquered
How many slaves were estimated to be living in Ancient Rome? Between 1.5 and 2 million (20% of the population)
What type of work did slaves do? The government used slaves to maintain public buildings and to work in the public baths. Slaves also did most of the work on the farms.
Who was the famous slave who rebelled against the harsh treatment of slaves? Spartacus
How many people joined Spartacus army in 73BC? 90,000
Who eventually defeated the formidable army of Spartacus in 71BC? Marcus Licinius Crassus' army defeated Spartacus army in the south of Italy.
What happen the 6,000 rebels that were captured in the battle? They were crucified and their bodies were displayed along the Appian Way in Rome.
Created by: pjcoughlan