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Ancient Rome

Pompeii/ Patrician/Plebeian

Name the river in which the city of Rome was built on in 753BC? River Tiber
In what year did the Roman Empire collapse? 476AD
The Roman Empire stretched from Hadrian's Wall to T__________. Turkey
Who was the first Empire of Rome in 27BC? Augustus
What mountain erupted to cover Pompeii and Herculaneum? Mount Vesuvius
What is the only written source from the Pompeii eruptions? Pliny the Younger letters.
How were Pompeii and Herculaneum rediscovered? Two men accidently found them whilst digging for a water channel and a well shaft.
How much is left to excavate in Pompeii? 1/3
Why is Pompeii easier to excavate than Herculaneum? The volcanic layer is softer and thinner in Pompeii whilst also a town has been built over the site of Herculaneum.
What is the name of wealthy and poor Romans? Patricians and Plebeian.
Who made the laws in Rome? The Senate
What was the name of the private houses in the city that rich Romans lived in? Domus
What was the role of the mother in Roman Times? The mother ran the household and gave orders to the slaves.
Marriages were a______________ to increase a family's wealth and influence. Arranged
At what age were girls and boys allowed marry at in Roman Times? Girl: 12 and Boy:14.
What did wealthy men and women wear over their tunic? Men: Togo and Women: Stola
What was the main meal of the day called in Roman Times? The cena
Where did people go to see the Gladiators fight? The Colosseum
How many people could witness the Gladiator contests? 50,000
What form of entertainment took place in the Circus Maximus? Chariot Racing
Name the type of weapons that Gladiator used whilst fighting? Swords, shields, nets, helmets, tridents.
Name one other form of entertainment besides gladiator fighting and chariot racing? The Roman Baths or Roman Theatre
Where did the Poor Romans live? Apartment blocks called Insulae.
What supplied water to the public fountains that the poor people once used? Aqueducts
How did poor Romans dispose of waste? Rubbish was thrown out the window onto the street.
What was a major danger that poor people faced whilst living in the apartment blocks? Fire
What was the dole? The Roman Emperor supplied free grain to poor people every month in an attempt to keep them happy.
Created by: pjcoughlan