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CLS107 Week 4 EXAM 2

Exam 2

radiograph process film that containing a visible image
computed tomography CT
what is used to demonstrate the function of the heart sonography
patients with fear of enclosed places will need a sedative
radiolucent tissue lung with air
x-rays are 2 demensional true
if barium is left in the GI tract what could it obscure structure in subsequent test
where should unexposed radiographic film be stored dark place
x-rays can cause genetic damage
commonly performed radiographic examination requires little to no patient preparation
contrast media causes certain body structures to become radiopaque
what are the side effects of radiation therapy hair loss, weight loss, skin change, digestive system disturbance
as a medical assistant how can you assist with radiologic examination help patient with removing clothing, tell patient which clothes to remove, help get into position, and tell them not to move
ALARA is doing whatever is necessary to keep radiation exposure as low as reasonably achieveable true
do insurance company's own x-ray film false
sonography uses sound waves true
explaining radiology procedures to patients should be left to the physician true
if a patient eats before a scheduled barium study, procedure will be rescheduled true
axillary crutches bar is measured with two finger breadths below the axillae ture
who is at risk for developing Osteoporosis alcoholics, elderly women with rheumatoid arthritis and female secretaries
what is important to applying an arm sling snugly, into corner pocket of sling
which joint is attacked by rheumatoid arthritis fingers
what affects plantar fasciitis foot
within 24 hours of an injury which kind of therapy is advised to use to treat the injury cold
heat treatment is used for relieve of muscle spasms
applying a cast, the limb is wrapped from to distal to proximal
where is a rotator cuff injury located shoulder
what instruction would you give a patient with a cast report odor, staining or undue warmth of the cast. Avoid indentation by allowing the cast to dry completely before handling or propping on hard surface. Report color, swelling, numbness of fingers/toes immediately
what instruction would you give an older adult patient at risk for hip fractures grab bars at toilet, good lighting inside and outside the home, wear shoes with good tie strings
common site for bursitis Prepatellar bursea at the knee, subdeltoid bursea, olecranon process, trochanter at the hip
how would you treat bursitis anti inflammatory medication, heat and cold, physical therapy, and rest
if a cast is improperly place it can lead to nerve and vascular damage true
is gout a form of arthritis true
back injuries are common in work related injuries in health care professions true
can cold compresses aid the healing in an open wound false
adequate blood supply will heal a fracture true
signs of a fracture deformity of site, swelling and contusion
side to side or lateral curvature of the spine is called scoliosis
radiographic view body part as seen by x-ray, film or other recording medium
when is it recommended that a woman get screened for a mammograph 40 years old
medical workers that would be taking radiographs is regulated by which law state law
contrast media its an iodine compound
is a bone fracture radiopaque true
dosimeter records the amount of x-ray exposure a radiologist receives true
an x-ray of the breast to screen for breast cancer is a mammograph
greenstick fracture partial or incomplete break commonly in children
compound fracture injury to muscle and tendon broken and protrudes through the skin
spiral fracture s-shape
strain injury to muscle and tendon
subluxation partial dislocation
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