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History Chp15

Fascism in Italy

Mussolini Italian fascist dictator (1883-1945
Blackshirts Fascist paramilitary organisation. Also known as the Squadristi.
March on Rome Planned march of thousands of Fascist supporters to take control of Rome; as a result of this threat Mussolini was given the legal right to control Italy
OVRA Mussolini's secret police force
Acerbo Law This law stated that any party winning at least 25% of the votes in the next election would be allotted 2/3 of the seats in parliament. Mussolini gained a huge majority after the 1924 election because of this method.
Il Duce Mussolini
Corporate State Nation in which the major economic activities, such as agriculture, transportation, manufactoring, and commerce, are organized into syndicates
Autostrada Italian motorways (built from 1924)
Pontine Marshes Land drained for agricultural use
Propaganda Selective use of information to promote a particular idea or message
Battle for Births Mussolini's attempt to increased the Italian population
Lateran Treaty Vatican City was recognised as an independent state. The Vatican was reimbursed for its loss of territory and Catholicism was made the National Church of Italy. Pope recognised Italy as a sovereign and Rome as its capital.
Balilla Fascist Youth Movement (8-14)
Avanguardisti Fascist Youth Movement (14-18
Rome-Berlin Axis 1936 alliance formed between Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany
Pact of Steel A military alliance between Italy and Germany in which they promised to assist one another in future wars.
Rommel Also known as the "Desert Fox" he was the the leader of the German African Corps. Sent to Egypt to help the Italian forces
Partisans Resistance fighters who executed Mussolini.
Abyssinia Modern day Ethiopia. Mussolini invaded it in order to build a new Italian empire.
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