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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
History Ch1&2 Finding out about the Past History 2019-09-23 cctullamore 21 0 edit
History Chp2 Ancient Ireland History 2016-09-19 cctullamore 21 0 edit
History Ch3 The Iron Age and the Arrival of the Celts History 2020-03-26 cctullamore 24 1 edit
HistoryChp4 Early Christian Ireland History 2016-11-13 cctullamore 15 0 edit
History Chp5 The Roman Empire History 2016-12-07 cctullamore 30 0 edit
History Chp6 The Middle Ages European History 2023-12-16 cctullamore 40 1 edit
History Chp7 The Renaissance History 2017-03-13 cctullamore 18 0 edit
History Chp8 The Age of Exploration History 2019-09-23 cctullamore 21 0 edit
History Chp 9 The Reformation European History 2020-10-15 cctullamore 16 1 edit
History Chp9.1 The Counter Reformation European History 2020-10-21 cctullamore 11 0 edit
History Chp10 The Plantations Unfinished 2019-03-14 cctullamore 19 0 edit
History Chp11 The American Revolution History 2019-03-14 cctullamore 15 0 edit
History Chp12 The Agricultural and Industrial Revolution European History 2019-03-14 cctullamore 25 0 edit
History Chp14 Europe after World War I History 2020-10-29 cctullamore 14 0 edit
History Chp15 Fascism in Italy History 2018-09-03 cctullamore 19 0 edit
History Chp16 The Rise of Hitler and the Nazis in Germany European History 2018-08-31 cctullamore 12 0 edit
History Chp17 Hitler's Foreign Policy and the Outbreak of WWII World History 2022-05-30 cctullamore 10 0 edit
History Chp18 The Second World War, 1939-45 World History 2018-08-26 cctullamore 21 0 edit
JCHistory_Chp29 The Cold War History 2021-04-14 cctullamore 11 0 edit
History Chp21 Ireland: The Struggle for Independence History 2019-03-14 cctullamore 20 0 edit
History Chp22 The Irish War of Independence History 2019-03-14 cctullamore 20 0 edit
JCHistory_Communism Junior Cycle History Communism in Russia European History 2020-11-18 cctullamore 12 0 edit
JCHistory_Chp14 1798 Rebellion European History 2023-05-31 cctullamore 24 1 edit
cspe development cspe development Unfinished 2018-09-02 cliodhna 10 1 edit
History Glossary A glossary of key words Unfinished 2019-03-14 msegan 184 1 edit
Dolch list 1 Dolch list 1 Unfinished 2021-11-11 MrsPower 7 1 edit

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