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WGU IOC4 Social Science - History, Government & Geography

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Spanish Explorer from Italy that sailed in 1492 Columbus
Spanish explorer 1519 Sailed for Mexico. Adversary was Montezuma. Cortes
1539 Spanish explorer trekked across the southeast from Florida to the Mississippi River. de Soto
1540 Spanish explorer who searched for the 7 cities of Cibola. de Coronado
1519-1521 Spanish Explorer Magellan
Spanish Explorer 1522 del Cano
1535 French Explorer who searched for a NW passage to China. Cartier
1608 French explorer claimed Canada for France and founded Quebec. de Champlain
1673 French explorer journeyed down the Mississippi River. Marquette
French explorer travelled all the way down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. de La Salle
AKA Giovanni Caboto 1497 English explorer John Cabot
AKA John Cabot 1497 English explorer Giovanni Caboto
English Explorer 1583 Gilbert
English Explorer 1576 Frobisher
Portuguese explorer 1487 Dias
Portuguese explorer 1497 de Gama
1513 Spanish explorer who discovered Pacific Ocean, crossed isthmus of panama Vasco Numiz de Balboa
1st european (Spanish explorer) to describe America from Florida through Arizona and setthe stage for the conquest of Native America. Cabeza de Vaca
Spanish explorer in the 1530's. Conqueror of the Inca Empire and founder of Lima. Pizarro
1513 Spanish explorer, 1st governor of Puerto Rico and discovered Florida while searching for the fountain of youth. Ponce de Leon
Columbus, Vespucci, da Verazzanno, Marco Polo Italian Explorers
Cartier, de Champlain, Cavelier, de La Salle, Marquette French Explorers
Cabot, Drake, Hudson, Ralegh, Gilbert, Frobisher English Explorers
Balboa, De Vaca, De Coronado, Cortes, De Soto, Pizarro, De Leon, Magellan, del Cano Spanish Explorers
War between Britain and the United States War of 1812
1854 repealed the Missouri Compromise, split the Louisiana Purchase into 2 territories and allowed its settlers to accept or reject slavery by popular sovereignty. Enflamed slavery issue and led opponents to form Republican Party. Kansas-Nebraska Act
system of land distribution Headright System
divided world with a line which granted Spain all lands to the west of the line and Portugal all lands to the east. Treaty of Tordesillas
1820 admitted Missouri to the union as a slave state and Maine as a free state. Missouri Compromise
case concerning constitutional right to abortion Roe v. Wade
1850 made it easier for slave owners to recapture runaway slaves Fugitive Slave Law
1824 court case that affirmed and expanded the power of the federal govt. to regulate interstate commerce. Gibbons v. Ogden
court case that established special protections for working women Miller v. Oregon
1756-1763 pitted Britain against France for control of North America AKA French and Indian War 7 Years War
1775 Organized continental army and comissioned George Washington to lead it then begin requisitioning men and supplies for the war effort. 2nd Continental Congress
FDR programs to help combat the Great Depression The New Deal
Ratified in 1870, this amendment prohibited the denial or abridgment of the right to vote by the federal government or state governments on the basis of race, color or prior condition as a slave. Intended to guarantee African Americans right to vote. 15th Amendment
1819 court case that ruled that the constitution protected charters given to corporations by states. Dartmouth College v. Woodward
1819 banking court case where the Supreme Court propped up the idea of implied powers meaning the constitution could be broadly interpreted. Also asserted the supremacy of federal power over state power. McCulloch v. Maryland
AKA 7 Years War French and Indian War
amendment ratified in 1865 that prohibited slavery and involuntary solitude 13th Amendment
Court case that reversed Plessy v. Ferguson decision that established the separate but equal doctrine. Found segregation in schools unequal and initiated an effort to integrate the nations public schools. Brown v. Board of Education
Amendment ratified in 1868 that provided citizenship to ex-slaves after the Civil War and protected equal rights for all US citizens. 14th Amendment
Meeting of delegates from 12 colonies in Philidelphia in 1774. Denied Parliaments authority to legislate for the colonies, condemned British actions toward the colonies, created the continental assoc. and endorsed a call to take up arms. 1st Continental Congress
Court case in 1896 that established the doctrine of separate but equal and upheld a Louisiana law requiring that blacks and whites occupy separate rail cars. Plessy v. Ferguson
English, traded with the Indians, mapped the Chesapeake Bay, instituted military discipline, and helped make Jamestown, Virginia a success Captain John Smith
Hired by England to find the Northeast passage to China Henry Hudson
founded Province of Pennsylvania William Penn
responsible for establishing the first English colony in the New World, on June 4, 1584,[2] at Roanoke Island in present-day North Carolina,known as "The Lost Colony", order to conductsearch of El Dorado Sir Walter Ralegh
tribe of Native Americans who live in the Pacific Northwest region (Columbia River Plateau) of the United States, covered parts of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, in an area surrounding the Snake, Salmon and the Clear Water Rivers Nez Perce
influenced by national and religous rivalries, as seen in works by early Protestant historians describing the period of Spanish imperialism, the unfair depiction of Spain and Spaniards as bloodthirsty cruel, intolerant, greedy and fanatical Black Legend
the first governing document, or constitution, of the United States of America, set the rules for operations of the "United States" confederation Articles of Confederation
an act of the Second Continental Congress, adopted on July 4, 1776, declared that the Thirteen Colonies were independent of the Kingdom of Great Britain written by Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence
an American politician and the fourth President of the United States (1809–1817), and one of the most influential Founding Fathers of the United States, Father of the Constitution,supervised the Louisiana Purchase, led the nation into the War of 1812 James Madison
fifth President of the United States (1817-1825), Opponent of the Federalists, Diplomat for Jefferson James Monroe
most critical Founding Fathers of the United States, major figure in the history of physics for his discoveries and theories regarding electricity Benjamin Frankilin
was a central and critical figure in the founding of the United States, and is commonly referred to as father of the nation, 1789 was elected the first President of the United States of America.[2] He served two four-year terms from 1789 to 1797 George Washington
second President (1797–1801), Opponent of Stamp Act 1765, on committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence John Adams
Compromise of 1850 - Fugitive Slave Act amended enforcing penalties with regard to runaways; CA admitted as Free, abolition of slave trade; UT territory created; NM territory created; TX annexed. Millard Fillmore
Black Codes; Jim Crow laws; CRA 1866; 14th Amendment Andrew Johnson
15th Amendment Ulysses S Grant
Organized US steel Corp(1901); International Harvest Corp(1902); Northern Securities Corp; Rockefeller OIL; Vanderbilt RAILROAD; Carnegie STEEL; Panama Canal; Industrial workers for WWI; Theodore Roosevelt
Great Depression; Refused to do too much,thought the Government should not interfere. Federal Farm board; lent money to farmers in S, but would not permit relief. 1932 - Reconstruction Finance Corp. Banking Act of 1932. Herbert Hoover
terms; New Deal;Administrations:(CCC),(AAA),(TVA),(HLC),National Recovery Admin,FDIC,(PWA),(CWA),(SEC),FHA,(WPA),(RA); Ended Depression, Entered WWII, New roads and buildings; Neutrality Act; CASH and CARRY; After attack on Pearl Harbor, was declared Franklin D Roosevelt
Dropped A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki;Japan surrendered in 1945;Truman Doctrine-$400 Mil in military aid to Greece and Turkey to keep communism out; Marshall Plan - to rebuild Europe. Harry Truman
Watergate/opening of China; only president to resign; Ceasar Chevez-mex immigrant fought for = pay for imm. workers; NFWA later changed to UFW; he eventually gained bargaining agreements for workers.; 27th Amendment; Roe v Wade; Last troops return from VN Richard Nixon
End of Cold War; Berllin wall came down Ronald Reagan
civil rights/vietnam/war on poverty; 24th amendment - abolished poll tax; 1968 MLK murdered Lyndon Johnson
Name 5 reasons Jamestown failed. Lack of food, indian attacks, malaria/disease, concentrated on looking for gold and leader did not respond to challenges of the wilderness.
Which house has equal representation? Senate
Which house is based on population in state? House of Representatives
What are the three branches of government? Executive, Legislative and Judicial
What can the Executive branch do? Approves or vetoes bills, makes treaties, grants pardons and reprieves, enforces laws, commissions officers to armed forces, Commander in Chief of armed forces, head of state, appoints or removes cabinet members and National CEO
What can the Legislative branch do? coin money, maintain a military, declare war on other countries, regulate interstate and foreign commerce
serve a two year term, start laws that make people pay taxes, decide if government officials should be put to trial before the senate, has power to impeach House of Representatives
Serve 6 year terms, confirm or disapprove treaties, confirm or disapprove presidential appointments, hold trail for a government official who commits a crime against the country, power to remove official from office Senate
What is the Trail of Tears? The government forced 15,000 Cherokees to leave Georgia for Oklahoma. At least 4000 died on the way. 1838
What did Hoover do about the Great Depression? He refused to do much to help indidviuals because he thought government should not interfere with business and people's lives-lead to super-state=loss of freedom.
Anti-slavery extrmist-John Brown and his followers took 5 proslavery men from cabins in Kansas and murdered them. Bleeding Kansas
What events fueled the pre-civil war conflict over slavery? Territorial expansion (compromise 1850), fugitive slave act, Kansas Nebraska act, Bleeding Kansas
What is the benefit of the American two party system? Allows for greater representation of the people.
What did President Johnson's Great Society programs do? Supplied federal funds to school districts, set up a program for disadvantaged preschoolers, provided for federal intervention to protect African American registration and voting in six states, set up an insurance program for people over 65 years old.
Democracy in the US is... Incomplete and NOT operating as it might because it remains a work in progress.
Ended Slavery 13th Amendment
provided "equal protection" 14th Amendment
Why were the Founders afraid of majority tyranny? because they feared that the majority might try to undermind the freedoms of minorities and threaten individual rights.
What year were women in the US granted the right to vote? 1920
Who were the federalists? Proponents of the Constitution during the ratification fight; the political party of Hamilton, Jefferson and Adams.
What amendments were added to the Bill of Rights immediately AFTER the Civil War? 13th, 14th and 15th
Who passed the Agricultural Adjustment Act? Franklin Roosevelt
Which President Served during the Civil War; and ended slavery? Abraham Lincoln
Which President set precedents for the President's role in government? George Washington
Which President challenged scientists to send a man to the moon? John Kennedy
Who established the Tennessee Valley Authority? Franklin Roosevelt
Laws are written, discussed and voted on in Congress Role of Legislative Branch
makes laws official. The approves and carries out laws passed by the legislative branch. The President approves and carries out laws passed by the legislative branch.He appoints or removes cabinet members and officials. He negotiates treaties, and acts Role of Executive Branch
oversees the court system of the U.S. the Supreme Court rules whether something is constitutional or unconstitutional Role of Judicial Branch
Who helped establish the FDIC? Franklin Roosevelt
Uses false color and 3-D shading to show changes in altitude Relief Map
Climate of a region using color or patterns Climate Map
Detailed and accurate graphic representation of cultural and natural features on ground. Includes manmade features like roads, bridges, and mines. shows relative position land elevation of mountains, landforms and bodies of water Topographical Map
Includes country names, borders, physical ocean features and island names, boundaries, divisions and capitals. Political Map
When representatives gathered to draft a constitution they turned to what? The Magna Carta which was written 575 years before the Constitution.
What was the main weakness of the Articles of Confederation? Each state retained sovereignty and unicameral congress.
Under the Articles of Confederation, congress could NOT do what? Tax
Projected the parallels of latitude growing further apart as they left the equator. Mercator Map
Map split into sections in center of land masses-made distance hard to measure Goode Map
1963 the best. used by US geographic service, National Geography society and most educational institutions. Robinson Map
What is deforestation? Increased soil erosion, leads to imparied water cycle in specific ecosystem and ultimately the earth.
What is global warming? Increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere=greenhouse effect
What is energy development? Increased competition for scarce resources (coal) and increased local pollution levels like acid rain.
What is population growth? Increased demand for food.
How does regional natural resources impact international relations? Competing transportation costs for ore, coal, and finished steel will determine the location of steel mills.
How does regional natural resources impact international relations? Possession of rare minerals ( South Africa) and large deposits of energy resources (Saudi Arabia) strenghten a states position in global affairs. Fewer resources can be overcome (Japan).
How does consumption of resources impact world economy? Mineral depletion and over use=shortages=economic decline in certain areas.
Natural growth rate = Birth and Death Rates
Sailed on 3 year voyage around the world Magellan
Opened first all water trade route between Europe & Asia De Gama
Inspired Columbus Marco Polo
After WWI the US economy... Economy of U.S. expanded at unprecedented rates
General during WWII Dwight Eisenhower
President during WWII Woodrow Wilson
cold temps; permafrost; no trees/tall plants; shrubby vegetations w/roots that don't penetrate subsoil; mosquitoes because of standing water Tundra
Variable rainfall; wet and dry seasons; high amounts of light; # of high tree species; unusually high # of species Tropical Forest
Less than 30 cm of annual rainfall; aren't always hot, some cold at night, some cold year round; cacti-succulents; desert mice, snakes, nocturnal species Desert
Destruction of large areas of forest due to clear cutting by humans Deforestation
Use of fossil fuels, coal, oil, natural gas, & gasoline has increased levels of carbon dioxide in lower atmosphere Global Warming
Petrolrum production has negative impact by increaing human activity; hyrdroelectric projects alter terrain Energy Development
As human population increases, farming, construction, mining, & energy development decrease Population Growth
Paper, glass, & aluminum Renewable Resources
Raw petroleum, iron, copper, & uranium Nonrenewable Resources
What are the duties of the House of Representatives? Tax laws, power to impeach President, decide if gov. officials go to trial
What are the duties fo the Senate? Power to remove official from office; hold trials for govt. officials and Confirm/disapprove treaties or Presidential appts.
What is a strength of the 2 party system? Allows for greater representation of people
Britain; 1215; Need royal assent for bill to become law Magna Carta
Protection for person accused of crime 5th Amendment
Five Freedoms: Speech, religion, press, assemble, peacefully protest 1st Amendment
Right to bear arms 2nd Amendment
Quatering soldiers 3rd Amendment
Unreasonable search/seizure 4th Amendment
Right to due process 5th Amendment
Right to vote for women 19th Amendment
Poll tax prohibited 24th Amendment
Voting age lowered to 18 26th Amendment
New Freedom Woodrow Wilson
Manifest Destiny Polk
Modern Republicanism Eisenhower
maps that use colors, lines, symbols, tints, and shading to demonstrate physical characteristics of the subject area and often include roads and other artificial objects. Physical Map
The forests occur along the equator. There are only two seasons—wet and dry Tropical Forest
cold, long winters; very short mild season,snow all year, low deciduous shrubs, mosses, lichens Arctic
cool, wet winters; warm, dry summersmoderate precipitation, broadleaf deciduous trees Humid Continental
hot summers, no dry season Humid Subtropical
cold to mild all year, low total precipitation Continental Subarctic
long, cold winters; short, cool summersdry air - mountains, low precipitation , Highlands
warm-cool summers, no dry season Marine West Coast
cool summer, cold winter Subarctic
dry, warm summer and cool, wet winter Mediterranean
enough moisture to support vegetation Semi-Arid Climate
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