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Holzshu Colonies

What was another name for the Roanoke Island Colony? Lost Colony
“I cannot attend the town meeting tonight, and I have so much work to do, like ironing, cooking, and cleaning.” Women
“My sons can prepare the fields while I harvest the pigs. Our wheat is coming in well, so we will make it through another winter.” farmer
“I didn’t think I would have to work this long and hard.I only wanted to come to the colonies and start a new life. Now I have to work for three more years? Arghh.” Indentured Servant
“I can finally finish the wood carving I’ve been working on all week. I need to sharpen my knife and get a little more paint.” artisan
"I can't wait until the grand ball at the end of the week. My slaves will see to the fields." large landowners
"The overlord is a mean man. I miss my homeland of Africa. I miss my family and wish I was never taken against my will." slave
Where did the Puritans live? Massachusetts Bay Colony
Where did the Pilgrims live? Plymouth Colony
Where did the Quakers live? Pennsylvania Colony
Why were the colonists who ultimately came to Georgia in an English prison? They didn't pay their debts
What was the arrangement between landowners and indentured servants? If you work for me I will pay your ticket to America.
Who appointed the colonial governors? The king
What did the Colonial Legislatures do? Made laws in the colonies?
Who was the king's designee that oversaw the colonies? The governors
What did civic life revolve around in the Southern colonies? counties
What did civic life revolve around in the New England colonies? town meetings
What did civic life revolve around in the mid-Atlantic colonies? market towns
Why did the New England colonies NOT choose to farm much? Cold winters and rocky soil
Which best describes the phrase "diverse religions", as seen in Mid-Atlantic colonies? Many different faiths were practiced by the people
Which best describes a Southern plantation? A very large farm, usually with the wealthy landowner's home being very elegant.
Which best describes what was grown in Mid-Atlantic colonies? Livestock and grain
Which best describes the economic activity of the New England colonies? Shipbuilding and manufacturing
Which best describes the economic activity of the Southern colonies? Farming in the fertile soil.
Two or more people depending on each other for goods and services interdependence
Focusing on one or a few products specialization
These can be natural, capital, or human resources
Which resource is a farmer an example of? human resource
Which resource is cotton an example of? natural resource
Which resource is a tractor an example of? capital resource
What is an example of a natural resource? tobacco
What is an example of a human resource? sailor
What is an example of a capital resource? chain handcuffs
How did England intend on paying for a large part of the French and Indian war? Taxing the colonists
Why did England tax the colonists so heavily? To pay for the French and Indian war
The colonies traded raw materials for _______ made in Great Britain goods
The colonies traded raw materials for goods made in ___________. Great Britain
Home of the Panthers Queens Lake Middle
Mr. Holzshu's History Classes! We are going to beat the tar out of Tabb Middle.
Green & Gold We are bright, we are bold, we all wear the __________.
What is being punished for your religious beliefs called? Persecution
People of the South had ___________. Rich social culture
The colony set up by the Virginia Company is _________. Jamestown
The colony set up by James Oglethorpe to give prisoners a second chance is _________. Georgia
The man who led the Jamestown Colony: John Smith
The man who led the Roanoke Colony: Sir Walter Raleigh
The man who set up the Pennsylvania Colony: William Penn
The man who set up the Georgia Colony: James Oglethorpe
If I wanted to build ships, which colony should I visit? New England Colonies
If I wanted to be a farmer and owned slaves, which colony should I visit? Southern Colonies
If I wanted to see who grain is grown, which colony should I visit? Mid-Atlantic Colonies
What did civic life center around in the New Engalnd Colonies? Town Meetings and Churches
What did civic life center around in the Southern Colonies? Plantations
What did civic life center around in the Mid-Atlantic Colonies? Market Towns
What were some key economic activities from the New England Colonies? Shipbuilding and manufacturing
What were some key economic activities from the Mid-Atlantic Colonies? Livestock and Grain
What were some key economic activities from the Southern Colonies? Cotton and Tobacco
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Created by: erichholzshu
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