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TS 09-10 MT Suffixes

Therapy Services 09-10 Med Term Suffixes

-poiesis formation...(poiesis is where the word poetry comes from - it is the FORMATION of words that create a poem)
-ptosis prolapse, drooping, sagging, falling down... (such as Mrs. B's upper eyelid)
-ptysis spit, spitting...(notice how you're able to create the word spit from the letters of ptysis)
-rrhagia to burst forth, bursting forth...(lymphorrhagia = bursting forth of lymph from a wounded lymphatic vessel
-rrhage to burst forth, bursting forth...(hemorrhage = bursting forth of blood)
-rrhaphy suture...(to sew shut)
-rrhea flow, discharge...(as in diarrhea)
-rrhexis rupture...(when the dog REX jumped up, the visitor was nearly RUPTURED)
-scope instrument for examining...(i.e. stethoscope)
-scopy visual examination, to view, examine...(i.e. arthroSCOPY - a VISUAL EXAMINATION inside a joint using a fiber-optic instrument called an endoscope)
-tome instrument to cut...(a tonsiloTOME is an INSTRUMENT TO CUT away tonsils)
-tomy incision...(adenotomy - is an incision into a gland)
-tripsy crushing...(lithotripsy = crushing of stone)- (Don't TRIP, you could CRUSH your head)
-trophy nourishment, development...(to win the trophy, he'll need excellent NOURISHMENT for the DEVELOPMENT of strong muscles)
-algesia condition of pain...(an anALGSESic such as aspirin causes analgesia which deminishes the sense of pain. Note: the prefix an- means no, not, without)
-ant forming...(The last time I looked, the ants were forming their house.)
-ase enzyme...(lactase is an enzyme)
-ate use, action, having the form of, possessing...(to medicATE a cold = USE of a drug POSSESSING the ingredient which will provide the ACTION needed)
-blast immature cell, germ cell, embryonic cell
-cide to kill...(homoCIDE = TO KILL another human)
-crit to separate...(someone is proven to be a hypoCRITe when what is preached is SEPARATE from what is practiced)
-cuspid point...(the vampire's POINTEDed teeth are CUSPIDs)
-cyst bladder, sac...(allow the "s" in cyst to remind you of sac - also "s" relates to the "sss" sound when urinating)
-cyte cell...(note there is an "e" in -cyte and the "e" in cell)
-dipsia thirst...(DIP the ladel into the well if you're THIRSTY)
-drome course...(a synDROME follows a COURSE)OR(when I DRive hOME I follow a certain COURSE)
-er relating to, one who...(RunnER is RELATED TO the ONE WHO runs)
-gen formation, produce...(the GENie, a FORMATION from the magic lamp, PRODUCED 3 wishes)
-genesis formation, produce...(the GENie, a FORMATION from the magic lamp, PRODUCED 3 wishes)
-ide having a particular quality...(I'd like to HAVE A PARTICULAR QUALITY)
-ive nature of, quality of...(the poison IVY found in NATURE has a QUALITY to it that may produce a rash in some)
-liter liter
-logy study of...(zooLOGY is the STUDY OF all animals)
-lymph clear fluid, serum, pale fluid
-or one who, a doer...(the ONE WHO fixed the door is a good DOER)
-phil attraction
-stasis control, stop, stand still...(to CONTROL my dog, I've taught him to STOP and STAND STILL when I say "STAY")
-therapy treatment
-thermy heat
-um tissue, structure...("UM...can I have a TISSUE?")
-uria urination, condition of urine
-ac pertaining to...(PERTAINING TO a pyromaniAC -this is an easy way to remember; notice they both start with "P")
-ad pertaining to...(PERTAINING TO a pAD -this is an easy way to remember; notice they both start with "P")
-al pertaining to...(PERTAINING TO a pAL -this is an easy way to remember; notice they both start with "P")
-ar pertaining to...(PERTAINING TO a polAR -this is an easy way to remember; notice they both start with "P")
-ary pertaining to...(PERTAINING TO a penitentiARY -this is an easy way to remember; notice they both start with "P")
-ic pertaining to...(PERTAINING TO a panIC -this is an easy way to remember; notice they both start with "P")
-ile pertaining to...(PERTAINING TO a pILE -this is an easy way to remember; notice they both start with "P")
-ior pertaining to...(PERTAINING TO a prIOR -this is an easy way to remember; notice they both start with "P")pertaining to
-ose pertaining to...(PERTAINING TO a pOSE -this is an easy way to remember; notice they both start with "P")
-ous pertaining to...(PERTAINING TO a poisonOUS -this is an easy way to remember; notice they both start with "P")
-tic pertaining to...(PERTAINING TO a prostheTIC -this is an easy way to remember; notice they both start with "P")
-us pertaining to, structure...(pertaining to the structure of pUS)
-y pertaining to, condition, process...(povertY)
-esis condition...(cyesis is a condition of pregnancy)
-iasis condition...(candidiasis is a condition involving yeast)
-ia condition...(claustrophobIA is a condition)
-ism condition...(cannabalISM is a condition)
-iatry treatment...(she had a psychIATRY TREATMENT every week)
-ician specialist...(a pediatrICIAN is a SPECIALIST)
-ist specialist...(the acupuncturIST is a SPECIALIST)
-osis condition...(usually abnormal)(NEUROSIS is an ABNORMAL CONDITION)
-cle small...(the semicirCLE was SMALL)
-icle little...(it was a LITTLE icICLE)
-ole opening, small...(the hOLEin the jeans was a SMALL OPENING)
-ula small...(a SMALL SPATULA was needed)
-ule small
-ectasis dilatation, dilation, distention, stretching, expansion
-genic formation, produce...(the genie, a FORMATION from the magic lamp PRODUCED 3 wishes)
-gram weight, mark, record
-lysis destruction, separation, breakdown, loosening, dissolution
-penia lack of, deficiency, abnormal reduction
-plasm a thing formed, plasma
-plegia stroke, paralysis, palsy...(hemiplegia paralysis after a stroke, a person with quadriplegia experiences paralysis)
-spasm tension, spasm, contraction...(a muscle spasm involves tension and contraction)
-staxis dripping, trickling...(the taxi started dripping and trickling oil)
-algia pain, ache
-asthenia weakness...(sthenia = strength / asthenia is without strength = weakness)
-betes to go...(they wanted him to go so they said "bete it"
-cele hernia, tumor, swelling
-cusis hearing...(I can hear you cussing)
-derma skin...(a DERMatologist is a Dr. for the skin)
-dynia pain, ache
-edema swelling...(Uncle ED had kankles swollen ankles)
-emesis vomiting...(EMma VOMITED every morning for the first 3 months of her pregnancy)
-ion process...(the contest judge had his EYE ON "ION" the process)
-itis inflammation...(arthrITIS is inflammation of the joints)
-kinesis motion, movement
-lepsy seizure...(epiLEPSY involves SEIZURES)
-lexia diction, word, phrase...(dysLEXIA is difficulty with reading words)
-malacia softening
-mania madness...(the MAN was MAD)
-megaly enlargement, large...(acroMEGALY = LARGE extremities)
-mnesia memory...(aMNESIA is a loss of MEMORY)
-noia mind...(paraNOIA is in the MIND)
-oid resemble, like, similar...(the humanOID RESEMBLED a human)
-oma tumor, mass, fluid collection
-opia sight, vision...(myOPIA is a condition affecting distant vision or sight)
-oxia oxygen
-pathy disease, emotion...(psychoPATHY is a DISEASE of the mind)(aPATHY is a lack of EMOTION)
-pepsia to digest
-phagia to eat, to prevent a mix up with -phasia remember the "g" by thinking if something is hard to swallow you may gag
-phasia to speak, prevent a mix up with -phagia remember the "s" by connecting it with the 2 words it means Speak, Speech
-phobia fear...(arachnoPHOBIA means FEAR of spiders)
-plasia formation, produce
-pnea breathing...(when you have PNEUmonia BREATHING is difficult)
-centesis surgical puncture...(amnioCENTESIS - a SURGICAL PUNCTURE to capture amniotic fluid surrounding fetus)
-clasis crushing, breaking up
-desis binding...(arthrodesis = surgically binding 2 joints together)
-ectomy surgical excision, surgical removal, resection...(appendectomy - surgical removal of the appendix)
-graph to write, record, instrument for recording
-graphy recording
-ize to make, to treat or combine with
-meter instrument to measure
-metry measurement
-opsy to view...(the goal of an autOPSY is TO VIEW the body)
-pexy surgical fixation
-pheresis remove, removal...(leukaPHERESIS = The REMOVAL of a quantity of white blood cells from the blood of a donor with the remaining portions of the blood retransfused into the donor)OR (my sis asked me to remove the pher "fur" from her coat)
-plasty surgical repair...(as in rhinoplasty -surgical repair of the nose)
-stomy new opening...(when a tracheoSTOMY is performed a NEW OPENING is formed in the neck and trachea)
-able capable
-act to act
-age related to...(related to an aging relative)
-arche beginning
-body body
-ceps head
-clasia a breaking
-clysis injection
-cope strike
-culture cultivation
-cyesis pregnancy
-dermis skin
-ectasia dilation
-ectasy dilation
-emia blood condition...(i.e. anemia - a condition where the blood does not have enough iron)
-ergy work...(do you have the enERGY to WORK?)
-esthesia feeling...(when anesthesia is used during surgery you are without feeling)
-form shape
-fuge to flee...(the FUGitive decided TO FLEE)
-genes produce...(your genes produce your features)
-glia glue
-globin protein
-gnosis knowledge...(stereoGNOSIS is KNOWLEDGE to identify an object through feeling with your fingers i.e. identifying a quarter in your pocket by feel)
-grade step
-graft pencil, grafting knife
-iatrics treatment...(the profession of psychiatrics involves treatment)
-sound sound
-stalsis contraction
-sthenia strength
-systole contraction
-taxia order, coordination
-tone tension
-type type
-ure process
-ing quality of
-kenesia motion, movement
-lalia to talk...(echoLALIA - some autistic children will TALK when repeating what you say - like an echo)
-lemma sheath, rind(lemon RIND)
-lith stone...(LITHium is a purple STONE)
-morph form, shape
-omion shoulder
-one hormone
-opsia sight, vision...(anopsia = without sight/vision - remember that the prefix an- means no, not, without)
-orexia appetite...(anorexia = without appetite / an- means without / orexia means appetite)
-paresis weakness
-philia attraction
-hexia condition...(was it a HEX that caused the condition?)
-ity condition...(her lung CONDITION was caused from running in the CITY - note City begins with C just like Condition)
-sis state of, condition...(i.e. scoliosis / cirrhosis)
-is pertaining to...(Paris)
-on pertaining to...(pertaining to prison or poison)
-ine pertaining to, substance...(pertaining to pINE and the sap substance that oozes from it)
-in substance...(saccharin is a substance)
-phoresis to carry...(he offered to CARRY the books PHOR his SIS)
-phragm fence...(a PHRAME - frame - is like a fence around a picture)
-phraxis to obstruct
-phylaxsis protection...(a condom - also called a prophylactic is a form of phylaxsis because it is a form of protection from sexually transmitted infections)
-physis growth...(the physis is the growth plate in the long bone of children)
-puncture to pierce
-sepsis decay
-some body
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