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Muscle Test SB

Muscle Test

What makes muscles unique? Cells group together in embryo to form multinucleated tissue
What are muscles made of? Fibers grouped together
What attaches the muscle to the bone? Tendons
What is the sarcoplasmic reticulum? A system around the fibers that releases Ca2+ when stimulated by a nerve impulse
What does the Ca2+ do to the muscle? Changes the shape of the actin, allowing the myosin to bind to it.
How does the muscle contract? Myosin binds to actin and pulls it toward the center of the section.
What is the case around the muscle fiber called? Sarcolema
What is an individual fiber within a muscle fiber called? Myofibril
What is the point where the muscle fiber's attach to the bone called? Insertion point
What is the point where the tendon attaches the muscle to the bone? Origin Point
What is the muscle that decreases the bending angle called? Flexor
What is the muscle that increases the bending angle called? Extensor
What causes muscle contractions? Nerve signals cause a twitch
What causes a full muscle contraction? Multiple signals
What is tetanus? C. Tetani bacteria: Permanent muscle contraction
What does Ca2+ do to muscles? Causes muscle contraction
What does K+ do to muscles? Clears the system, relaxes muscles
What are slight, constant muscle contractions called? Muscle tone
What is muscular dystrophy? A genetic disorder that progressively weakens muscles
What is the most common type of muscle dystrophy? Duchenne MS, found on X chromosome, wheelchaired by teens, usually death in twenties
What is aerobic exercise? Exercise that increases the number of mitochondria and blood vessels in tissue, higher endurance
What is strength training? Exercise that thickens muscle fibers, higher amounts of enzymes for glycolysis
What are steroids? "Andro" steroids. Simulates hormone testosterone causing protein synthesis to rise. Also simulates hormone estrogen, can cause opposite gender side effects.
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