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s.s ch.4


What are three important things about culture? culture traits, culture groups, and cultural change
What is culture? Culture is a set of shared beliefs, values and practices that a group of people have in common.
What are some characteristics of culture? language, religion, goevernmetn, school, day to day life, ex.clothing ,food, music
What are culture traits? an activity of behavior in which people often take part.
What are some culture traits? language spoken, sports, how food is eaten ex. japanese use chopstix and pizza in america is eaten with hands and in other countries they use utensils
How are most traits learned? they are learned or passed down from families, traditons, law, history, environment, conflicts etc
who else can introduce traits? immigrants can also introduce new cultures
What is a culture group? they are groups based on age, language, religion, and location
What is a culture region? an area in which people have shared culture traits.
In southwest asia and in north africa there will be what culture regionand why an arab culture because they mostly write an speak arab, practice islam(are muslim),same foods, same music, same clothes, similiar archetecture
What are some examples of cultural regions? mexico has many and japan only has one
What are culture regions based on? ethnic groups
ethnic group: group of people who share common culture and ancestry
What are some thingsthat would be shared in an ethnic group? religion, language, certian foods
What is cultural diversity? is te state of having a variety of cultures in the same area
What are some good and bad things aout cultural diversity? Some good things are: mix of ideas, behaviors,practices bad things: conflict
What has changed since the 1800s in our culture? people treated equally, more diverse, electrictiy\technolgoy, clothing and tranportation
Culturs change by wat? innovation
What is inovation? a new idea or way of doing somethng
Cultures change byy what? as societies mix together
How do ideas spread? cultural diffusion
cultural diffusion: the spread of culture from one region to another
What are some examples of cultural diffusion? hairstyles, clothing, music and food
What is population? the total # of people in a given area
Population determines what? variety of business, types of transportation, number of schools in your community
What is population density? measure of # of people livng in an area
What happens if you have a high population? expensive population,crowded roads and taler buildings
What happens wit low population? more open space, less traffic, available land
Landforms and climate influence what? population density
Where would dense population be found? places with fertile soil, reliable water sources and good agriculture climate
/what are 3 key things used to study population changes? birthrate, death rate, rate of natural increase
migration: process of moving from one place to another
When would migration ocur? warfare, lack of jobs, lack of resources, more oppurtunities in other places
What has created huge population growth? better healthcare and improved food production
What are two important population trends? population growth in industrialized nation slows, less industrialized countires have high growth rates
Why are there governments? societies have governments to enforce laws, regulate business and trade and to provide aid to people
What are the types of government? democratic, monarchy, dictatorship, communism
What is a place like with demcratic gov.? People elect leaders and rule by majority, the gov works to protect the rights and freedoms of people, some may not be free..some ex, are: U.S, CANADA, MEXICO
What is a place like in monarchy? It is the oldest recorded gov, ruled by king or queen or head of royal family, power with only one person, dont give people much say
What are some exapmeles of a monarchy? saudi arabia
Norway and Spain have what kind of gov? a monarchy with demoratic practices
What is a dictatorship? A sigle leader with all control, controls by force, people not free, few rights and no say in gov,
What is an example of a dictatorship? Iraq
What is communism? political system where gov owns all property and controls all aspects of country, leaders chosen by other leaders or the party, governement controls economy and peoples lives, People hav little rights and havelittle freedom
What are some examples of communist places? North Korea and Cuba
What is an economy? a system that includes all activities that people and business do to earn a living?
Primary Indystry is whatz/ using raw materials and renewable materials
What are some ex. of primary industry? farming, fishing and mining
What are some ex, of secondary industry? car manufacturer, furniture maker
What is secodary industry? using raw materials to make things
What is tertiary industry? goods and services exchanged
What are some ex. of tertiary business? Car dealership,grocer and furniture store
What is a Quaternary industry? research and distribution of info
What are some ex. of qauternary industries? architects, lawyers, scientists
What are the three types of Economic Systems? Traditional, market, and command economy
What is a traditional economy? People growing their own food and make own goods, People barter and trade with no $ usually happens in remote or rural communities
What is a market economy? A system based on private ownership, free trade and competition, individuals and businesses buy and sell what theu want based on supply and demand ( capatalism )
What is a command economy? A system where the central government makes all economic decisions , like what goods to produce, how much, what price for ex. many communist countries
What is GDP ? Gross domestic product is the value of all goods and services produced within a counrty in a single year, geographers use this to tell them about countries wealth
What are developed countries? They are powerful, wealthy nation that have strong economies and a high quality of life. They also have access to technology, good health care and good school systems
What are some examples of developed countries? the u.s and germany
What are undeveloped countries? Poorer nations which have less productive economies and a lower quality of life(2/3rds of worlds people) less access to technology and healthcare
What are some examples of undeveloped countries? Guatemala, Nigeria, and Afghanistan
What is globalization? Globalization is the process in which countries are increasingly linked to each other through culture
What has caused globalization? Improvements in transportation and communications over the last 100 years
What is popular culture? they are culture traits that are well known and widely accepted
What are some traits of popular culture? clothes, food, sports, music, movies
What is the UN? The united Nations is an organization of the worlds countries that promotes peace and security around the globe.
What are some things that the UN does? they cooperate in crisis and they give humanitarian aid( assistance to people in distress)
What are two important parts of globalization? Popular culture, and Global Trade
Wat is interdependence? a relationship between countries inwhich they rely on one another for resources, goods or services.
Since countries rely on eachother for goods and services what are some ex of those? cars and shoes
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