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Green Vocabulary IV

Green Vocab for College Bound Lessons 8, 9 & 10

blasphemous (adj) disrespectful and impious of God or sacred things; irreverent, profane (ant - pious) Jack was a religious man, and he took offense when others made blasphemous remarks.
fervor (n) intensity of emotion, passion, ardor (ant - apathy) The author said that he had written the story in a fervor of three nights.
fledgling (n) a young, inexperienced person; a young bird just ready to fly; novice (ant - veteran) Although Stephen King is now a successful author, he was once a fledgling.
forlorn (adj) miserable, deserted; forsaken; abandoned; in pitiful condition (ant - elated) The whole town was forlorn at the passing of the school's mascot.
occult (adj) of or dealing with magic or the supernatural; mysterious He was very obsessed with the occult arts.
parsimonious (adj) stingy; tight with money; miserly; frugal, penurious (ant - generous, munificent) Ebenezer Scrooge is an example of a parsimonious person.
partisan (n) a strong supporter of a cause; supporter, follower (ant - impartial, non-partisan) Partisans from both sides supported the bill.
serene (adj) peaceful and untroubled; calm; tranquil (ant - disturbed, distraught, anxious) Although he tried to appear serene, the man's jerky movements indicated he was agitated.
solemn (adj) impressive; serious; grave; observed or done according to ritual or tradition; somber (ant - jovial, frivolous) The candidate gave a solemn speech about sacrificing one's life for the country.
blatant (adj) unpleasantly loud, glaringly obvious or conspicuous; flagrant (ant - subtle, inconspicuous) His blatant, sexist remark offended the women who worked in the same office.
bludgeon (n) a short heavy club with one end loaded or thicker than the other (v) to beat or strike with a club He used a bludgeon to beat up his victims. He bludgeoned the man to death.
bravado (n) a show or pretense of defiance or courage; braggadocio (ant - modesty) The women were not impressed with Jack's bravado.
buffoon (n) a clown or jester; a person who is always trying to be funny. His bad jokes led others to believe he was a buffoon who could not be trusted with a high office.
ghastly (adj) terrifying; dreadful; horrible to look at; hideous (ant - attractive) Although ghastly scenes were not new for the policeman, even though he was surprised by the carnage.
gibe (n) a derisive remark (v) to jeer or taunt; scoff (ant - compliment) Jenny didn't like Susan's constant gibes.
glutton (n) a person who eats to excess. When depressed, she became a glutton for chocolate.
paucity (n) short supply; scarcity of ideas or objects; small number; shortage, dearth (ant - abundance, surfeit) The paucity of medical equipment makes it difficult to help the refugees.
peerless (adj) without equal; matchless; unsurpassed (ant - ordinary, pedestrian) Jennifer's peerless performance won her an award from the critics.
perceptive (adj) keen, accurate understanding Peter is very perceptive when it comes to recognizing customer needs.
sporadic (adj) having no pattern or order; happening from time to time; irregular, spasmodic (ant - continuous, uninterrupted) His sporadic irrational behavior became a cause of concern for us all.
cacophony (n) a harsh, discordant, jarring sound (ant - harmony) The cacophony set off by the smoke alarm was sure to get the family out of bed.
callous (adj) lacking feeling or mercy; unfeeling (ant - sensitive) He was so callous that he was counting the money before his father was cold in his grave.
carp (v) to find fault and complain constantly; to nag or fuss Jack carped constantly about the late hours he had to work.
gruff (adj) stern, surly; hoarse; brusquely rude Max's gruff manner sometimes scared others, but he really was soft-hearted.
gullible (adj) easily fooled or tricked; credulous, naive (ant - cynical; sophisticated) Bob was the butt of many jokes because he was so gullible.
haphazard (adj) lacking any definite plan or order; unsystematic (ant - methodical) Susan's haphazard travel plans left her without a place to stay.
squalid (adj) sordid, miserable; very poor and run-down (ant - splendid) The fledgling actors lived in squalid conditions.
stoic (adj) seemingly indifferent to pain, grief or pleasure From his stoic expression, one never got a clue as to what he was thinking.
stupor (n) a daze; mental dullness or apathy After he got the news he appeared to be in a stupor.
stymie (v) to block or stop; to hinder The math problem had him stymied until Carla explained it.
bequeath (v) to leave something in a will to another; endow Susan bequeathed all her personal belongings to her family.
Created by: Karina Geneva
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