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TS 09-10 MT Prefixes

Therapy Services 09-10 Med Term Prefixes

ante- BEFORE, FORWARD----------------------------- Poker players must ANTE (by moving a small initial bet FORWARD) BEFORE cards are dealt.
anti- AGAINST------------------------------------------ANTI-war protesters are AGAINST the war.
ecto- OUT, OUTSIDE, OUTER------------------------- An ECTOparasite is a parasite that lives on the OUTSIDE of its host i.e. flea
endo- WITHIN, INNER------------------------------ An ENDOparasite is a parasite that lives WITHIN INNER organs of its host i.e. tapeworm
hyper- ABOVE, BEYOND, EXCESSIVE--------------- HYPERactive children are EXCESSIVEly active, ABOVE & BEYOND what is normal.
hypo- BELOW, UNDER, DEFICIENT--------------------- A long exposure to cold can lead to HYPOthermia causing a DEFICIENT body temperature (BELOW or UNDER normal)
inter- BETWEEN-------------------------------------An INTERpreter, provides translation BETWEEN two people who cannot understand the language of the other
intra- WITHIN-------------------------------------- If someone is being fed intravenously, it means they are being fed from a tube within their vein. The INTRAvenous needle was placed WITHIN the patient’s vein.
para BESIDE, ALONGSIDE, ABNORMAL----------------- Those who claimed to have experienced a PARAnormal event said they sensed an ABNORMAL presence BESIDE or ALONGSIDE of them.
peri- AROUND-------------------------------------- The submarine PERIscope allows submariners to see AROUND the surface while staying submerged.
per- THROUGH------------------------------------- Because frogs are also able to breathe and drink THROUGH their PERmeable skin, they are vulnerable to environmental pollution. Because the coffee filter was permeable the water was able to flow through it
pre- BEFORE, IN FRONT OF------------------------- PREpaying BEFORE the event allows you to enter IN FRONT OF everyone else
pro- BEFORE---------------------------------------- Be PROactive by preparing a winter survival kit for your car BEFORE the snow flies.
super- ABOVE & BEYOND------------------------------- Superman could fly ABOVE & BEYOND the birds
ab- AWAY FROM------------------------if a child is abducted, they are taken AWAY FROM their family-----if you are absent, you are AWAY FROM school------abnormal is AWAY FROM normal
ad- TOWARD, NEAR----------------------notice that the rounded portion
Created by: therapyservices