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ESWS Supply

S1 Stock control
S2 Food services
S3 Ships store
S4 Disbursing
S5 Hotel services
S6 Aviation stores
S8 General stores
S9 Hazmat
S10 QA
S11 CPO mess
S12 Post office
S13 DC
What is the purpose of the ships store afloat To boost morale, provide day to day living, and provide funds for MWR
What does NSN stand for National stock number
How many digits are in an NSN 13
What does NIIN stand for Nation item identification number
How many digits are in an NIIN 9
What are the 3 parts to a document number UIC, Julian Date, Serial Number
What is the main purpose of the navy cash card To eliminate the need for cash, helps avoid opportunities for theft
What are three ways to fund navy cash cards Transfer from personal account, chip to chip transfer, split pay option
What does BDFA stand for Basic daily food allowance
What is BDFA based on Crew size and BAS per person
How is BDFA allocated between each meal 20% breakfast 40% lunch 40% dinner
What rations are utilized during battle stations when the galley or galley personnel are no longer available and where are they distributed MREs and bag lunches with drink, distributed from repair lockers
What is the “never out list” A list of critical items that the command cannot be without
What can be found on the “never out list” Rags, toilet paper, trash bags, soap, aircraft grease
Name the six categories of HM (FATCOC) Flammable, Aerosols, Toxins, Corrosives, Oxidizers, Compressed Gases
Name the six types of PPE required for HM Googles, respirator, face shield, gloves, apron, boots
Created by: Piotrocj
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