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Terms Simple Set

ad toward
ante before
anti against
dis "apart
dys painful
endo within
extra outside
hyper "above
hypo "below
inter between
intra "within
neo new
per through
post after
pre before
sub "under
supra above
bi two/both sides
hemi half
para "beside
peri "around
trans "across
adeno gland
aero air
arthro joint
broncho bronchus
cardio heart
cerebro brain
chole bile
chondro/io cartilage
costo rib
cysto bladder
cyto cell
derma skin
gastro stomach
gyne woman
hema / hemat blood
hepat liver
leuko white
nephro kidney
thrombus blood clot
arthro joint
colo colon
cranio skull
herni rupture
hyster uterus
lipo fat
litho stone
mast breast
osteo bone
tracheo trachea
stoma opening
oophor ovary
rhino nose
algia pain
cide kill
emia blood
genic origin
gram record / image of
itis inflammation
megaly large or enlargement
necrosis death of tissue
ology study of
oma tumor
pathy disease
rrhage flow
cise cut
ectomy surgical removal
oscopy visual examination
ostomy creation of a new opening
otomy incision into an organ
pexy surgical fixation
plasty surgical restoration
rrhaphy to suture
tome a cutting instrument
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