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MAY155 final

is the surgical removal of an ovary oophorectomy
this specimen is the most concentrated urine morning
these instruments are used to help the physician when doing a physical examination auto scope, tape measure, sphygmomonometer.
an infestation of the body with the eggs, larvae , or adult specimens of lice. pediculosis
which items are part of the patients history tobacco or illegal drugs, diet, occupation
which phase of decubitus ulcers is described as a reddened area on the skin that does not blanch (turn white) when pressed? stage 1
surgery, with it emphasis on surgical procedures performed outside the hospital setting, has resulted in cost savings for the consumer and for the insurer ambulatory
the average infant weighs about _____ pounds at birth? 6-7lbs
The formation of urine involves all of the following except processes filtration,re absorption, secretions
according a survey found in the module reading using network increase the chances of finding a job from 11% to what number? 63%
the first prenatal visit usually takes place after the patient has missed her 3 rd menstrual period
there are at least ______ types of HPVs 100
the reception room in a pediatric office needs to be all of the following bright, welcoming, intresting
what is the 6th commonly used methods of physical examination inspection, palpation, osculation
what are the 9 standard positions used for a variety of medical and surgical examinations and procedures supine, dorsal recumbent, lithotomy, fowlers, semi-fowlers, prone, sims, knee chest, jack knife
what are the 3 layers of the ureter wall inner coat mucus membrane, middle muscle, outer fibrous tissue
intramuscular injections (IM) are given in one of four cites these cites include all of the following muscles deltoid, vacrous lateralous, dorsal gluteus, versal gluteus
a ___________________ history includes recording the menstrual history, including the age of onset of menstruation, menstrual cycle, duration of period, amount of flow, any menstrual cycle problems, and what type of contraception was used, if any menstrual history or prenatal
a_________ is a metal instrument that has two prongs extending fro the handle, designed to vibrate at a specific frequency tuning fork
who are good people to reach out to when you are building your network coworkers, instructors, clergy person, no family or friends
the general classification of surgical instruments is based on there use
_____________may cause convulsive seizures and coma occurring during the 20th week of pregnancy and the first week of postpartum eclampsia
through electronic sources such as linkedin are beneficial for networking, young job seekers should still focus on face to face meetings TRUE or FALSE True
__________is the elevation of the pressure in one of the chambers of the eye that can decrease vision and lead to blindness it usually begins in the middle age. glaucoma
there are several methods of testing urine specimens gravity. Identify those methods : test strips, refraction meter
__________is the 3rd leading cause of death after accidents and homicides in teenagers and young adults cardiovascular accidence
the average body temp of a healthy person is _________ 37 C, and may vary by adding 1 F "0.6" C during the day 98.6 F
parenteral medication administration means administering a medication through injection, through all of the following routes; intradermal,subQ,intramuscular
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