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ch. 24 and 59

accommodating conflict management style, satisfy others concerns
accountability liable for ones actions
accountant one who keeps audits and financial records
AEIOU Assume, express, identify, outcomes, understanding
assault harm, violent
atomsphere surrounding influence
avoiding conflict management style not taking action
benefits wages, fringe benefits
bereavement time time you can take when someone dies
biohazardous material in contact with body fluid
collaborating conflict management style, working together win win
competence adequate, skill, knowledge
competing conflict management style using power
complimentary medical care offered to employee
compromising conflict management style solution that is half satisfactory
conflict clash of opinions
continuity of care care without lapse
deductions take away
dictation spoken words recorded
disability money when unable to work
electronic health record EHR medical records
encoder software, cpt, icd9
environment surroundings
ergonomic efficiency and comfort in the work place
evaluations assessment of skill
exemption not liable
facsmile message over phone line and printed
fringe benefits included or added to salary pay
hardware visible parts of the computer
hazard dangers, risks
HL7 health level 7 standard for exchanging info in med apps
gross total money
hourly wage money per hour
interface hard/software that makes computer interact
inventory itemized list of goods
IRS internal revenue service government that handles tax laws and collecting
longevity lasting a long time
net money after deductions
performance improvement plan pip plan to improve performance
peripheral side vision or anything you plug into a computer
productivity work done in a time period
profit sharing employee share profits
reception being received
reimbursement pay back
salary fixed amount of wages paid
software computer programs
strategy choosing to make happen a desired future
style the way something is done or expressed
tangible employment action change in employment status
threshold minimum amount of supplies
transcription typing in full letters or writing over
vested settled
volatile changed into gas
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