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AB abortion
CS caesarean section
DOB date of birth
EDD estimated date of deliverry
FAS fetal alcohol syndrome
IVF in vitro fertilization
LMP last menstrual period
multip multipara
NB newborn
OB obstretics
primip primipara
RDS respiratory distress syndrome
VBAC vaginal birth after cesarean section
EG/BUS exterior genitalia/Bartholin, urethral, and Skene glands
amnionitis inflammation of the amnion
choriocarcinoma cancerous tumor of the chorion
dystocia difficult labor
hysterorrhexis rupture of the uterus
oligohdramnios scanty amnion water(500 ml or less)
polyhydramnios much amnion water(2000 ml+)
microcephalus small head
omphalitis inflammation of the umbilicus
omphalocele herniation of the umbilicus
pyloric stenosis narrowing of the pyloric sphincter
tracheoesophageal fistula abnormal passageway p2 the trachea and esophagus
amniotomy incision into the amnion
episiotomy/perineotomy incision into the vulva(perineum) to prevent tear
amniocentesis surgical puncture to aspirate amniotic fluid
amnioscope instrument used for visual exam of the amnion fluid
amnioscopy visual exam of the amnion fluid
pelvic sonography p2 to the pelvis, process of recording sound
amniochorial p2 to the amnion and chorion
amniorrhexis rupture of the amnion
antepartum before childbirth
embryogenic producing a embryo
embryoid resembling an embryop
fetal p2 the fetus
gravida pregnant
gravidopuerperal p2 pregnancy and childbirth
intrapartum within labor and childbirth
lactic p2 milk
lactogenic producing milk
lactorrhea spontaneous discharge of milk
multigravida many pregnancies
multipara many births
natal p2 birth
neonate new birth
neonatlologist person who studies and treats disorders of newborns
neonatology study of newborns
nulligravida no pregancies
nullipara no births
para birth
postnatal p2 after birth
postpartum after childbirth
prenatal p2 b4 birth
primigravida first pregnancy
primipara first birth
pseudocyesis false pregnancy
puerpera childbirth
puerperal p2 immediately after childbirth
teratogen agent that produces malformations in developing embryo
teratology study of malformations
abortion termination of pregnancy
abruptioplacentae premature separation of the placenta
eclampsia severe complication characterized by convulsions
ectopic pregnancy pregnancy occurring outside the uterus-in uterine tubes
placenta previa low plantation of the placenta on the uterine wall
preclampsia condition of high blood pressure, edema, and proteinuria shortly after giving birth
cleft lip/palate congenital split of the lip or roof of mouth
Down Syndrome genetic condition caused by a chromosomal abnormaltiy
esophageal atresia congenital absence of part of the esophagus
fetal alcohol syndrome(FAS) condition cause by alcohol consumption during pregnancy leading to birth defects
gastroschisis congenital fissure of the abdominal wall
respiratory distress syndrome(RDS) respiratory complications in infants
spina bifida defect in the vertebral column -arch doesn't close
breech presentation position in which bum, feet, or knees come out first
cephalic presentation head emerges first
cesarean section incision in the abdomen to delivery fetus
colostrum thin, milky fluid secreted from the breast b4 lactation begins
congenital anomaly abnormality present at birth
in vitro fertilization fertilization of egg outside of the womb
lactation secretion of milk
lochia vaginal discharge after childbirth
meconium first stool of the newborn
midwife individual who practices midwifery
obstetrician physician who specializes in obstetrics
obstretics medical specialty dealing with pregnancy, and childbirth
parturition act of giving birth
premature birth/infant birth b4 gestation
puerperium period from delivery until reproductive organs return to normal(6 wks)
quickening first feeling of fetus movement inside of womb
stillborn born dead
Epstein-Barr herpes virus that causes mono
icteric jaundiced
narcolepsy sudden attacks of deep sleep
thyromegaly enlarged thyroid gland
trichomonas STI (parasite)
urinalysis physical, chemical, and microscopic analysis of urione
adnexa parts surrounding the uterus
bilirubin chemical found in bile
corpus body
echo lucencies ultrasound images that appear black
En bloc all at the same time
maculopapular flat, red bumps (rash)
nodulars p2 the nodules
oblique on an angle
-cyesis pregnancy
-tocia birth, labor
puerper childbirth
pseudo false
par/part bear, give birth to, labor, childbirth
nat birth
omphal umbilicus
rrhexis rupture
terat malformation
chori chorion
amni/amnion amnion, amnion fluid
cephal head
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