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Infection Control

Immune System Continued..

Aseptic technique is Proper hand washing
Proper hand washing technique includes Vigorously washing right palm over dorsum(back) of the left hand
Examples of hand washing techniques Washing for at least 20 seconds, cleaning underside of your nails with a brush, not shaking or flicking hands
Skin fissures are called chapping
Aseptic techniques include not wearing rings, not touching face, holding linen away from body, not leaning against sinks or supplies
The flu can be transmitted for seven days
Pyrexia means Fever
Influenza aka.. coryza
Pharyngititis inflammation of the throat
Nasal congestion known as rhinorrhea which also means nasal discharge
Myalgia means muscle pain
Cephalalgia means headache
HIV human immunodeficiency virus survives only seconds outside the body, dies from sunlight or dry environment
HIV has a window period of 3-12 weeks before detection with a blood test
Candidiasis which means fungal infection of skin, oral cavity, lungs or trachea
Highly active antiretroviral therapy abbreviated HAART is antiviral medications to treat the HIV and AIDS
HAART medications are commonly given in combinations called AID's cocktail
Herpetic stomatitis- Inflammation of the mouth caused by HSV21 stands for herpes simplex virus 1 aka cold sores
HIV,HBV, and HcV can be found in human body fluids except perspiration and tears
HBV and HCV stand for hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus
Cirrhosis is degeneration of the liver also from excessive alcohol
Microorganisms the advantage of a weakened immune system causing Opportunistic infections (OI)
OI include viral and bacterial, pulmonary infections such as pneumonia and tuberculosis
N+V which stands for nausea and vomiting
Antipyrectic medications are fever reducers
Signs and Symptoms Sx and SX
The most common way to transmit HIV is Sexual contact
HIV/HBV/HCV can all be transmitted by acupuncture needles , nail files, body piercing needles, tattoo needles, razors or toothbrushes
HIV cannot be transmitted in clotting factors used to treat the coagulopathy called hemophilia
HIV cannot be spread by shaking hands, mosquitos, kissing, donating blood or using a telephone
Condom failure can be reduced with the use of non-oxynol 9 which is a spermicide
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