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Operation Barbarossa

the german invasion of the soviet union

When was Operation Barbarossa launched? June 22nd 1941
Who supported the German forces? 30 divisions of Finnish and Romanian troops.
What was the problem faced by the German forces? The Russian winter came early that year. Equipment broke down and thousands froze to death.
How many men were part of the attacking German ground forces? Approximately 3 to 4 million men.
How many tanks and aircraft were involved with the Germans? The Germans had around 3000 tanks and 2500 aircraft.
When was the non-aggression pact signed. In 1939, it was meant to last for 10 years.
How long was the Eastern Front? 2,900 kilometres.
About how many Russians lost the lives or were captured? Around 6 million Soviet troops were either killed or captured.
How many German casualties were sustained? 775 000 German casualties were sustained.
What mistake did German Intelligence make? German intelligence estimated around 50 Soviet reserve divisions. There was actually 200.
Why was it significant? Operation Barbarossa was significant because German Blitzkrieg tactics failed for the first time and Britain gained a powerful new ally against Nazi Germany. It showcased that the Nazis were not invincible and the military might of the USSR.
When was the original date for invasion? In May 1941. But they had to invade Yugoslavia and Greece so the operation was post-phoned.
What factors influenced the Nazis defeat. Despite the Germans being more superior in terms of military planning and equipment, the Soviets had more men and resources to throw against the invaders. The weather was also an issue.
Whaa was Hitler so wrong about? Foolishly he thought the USSR could be defeated in 3 to 4 months.
Created by: zoeclara1963