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3E051b CDC's URE's

volume 1,2,3 and 4

light fixtures are classified by the way they distribute light
which light classification directs from 40 to 60 percent of its light upward above the area to be lighted general diffusing
which classification of light fixtures directs all its light so that the entire ceiling and upper side walls become the light source indirect
what is the unit of measurement for lumens per square meter lux
the efficiency range of a lamp is measured in lumens per watt
incandescent lamps have efficiencies ranging from 6 to 24 lumens per watt
what is the diameter of a t8 lamp 8/8 inch
what frequency should you expect to find in electronic ballasts used in fluorescent systems 25,000 to 40,000Hz
what is used to power a light emitting diode (LED) array in a non integrated LED fixture LED driver
what is a disadvantage of high intensity discharge (HID) lamps restrike time
what are the voltages that the 150-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp comes in 55 and 100 volts
what color light is associated with High pressure sodium lamps golden
which type of fixture is installed by laying it into the grid of a suspended ceiling troffer
when installing an octagon box for a new flush mount fixture what is important to ensure that the mounting method does not fail box is sized to support that fixture
what are the two types of phase cut dimmers forward and reverse
how does a phase cut dimmer operate the root mean square (RMS) voltage is reduced by turning off a portion of the input waveform
what is the light output of a fixture using a 0-10v ballast with 10 volts on the low voltage control circuit 100%
what type of light fixture is used to illuminate aircraft on the parking apron 1000 w- 1500 w high intensity discharge flood light
in a incandescent lamp, how much consumed energy is lost in the form of heat 90%
what device is used in high intensity discharge lamps to limit current as the lamp heats up capacitor
what letter represents the american national standards institute's special designation code for high pressure sodium lamps s
when installing fixtures insure uniform lighting by adjusting fixtures so that illuminated areas overlap
to ensure that the proper amount of light is provided after fixture installation check the lighting with a light meter
when troubleshooting a 120 volt photocell which conductor should provide power to the fixture load (red)
to prevent injury during relamping procedures you must do all the above tasks
which airfield lights have yellow filters installed for the last 2000 feet of runway runway edge lights
which airfield lights provide positive identification of the beginning of the operational runway surface for approaching aircraft threshold lights
which airfield fixture is unidirectional approach
which of the following items are found on ALSF-2 approaches 500 foot bar
what color is used for taxiway edge lights blue
one of the main control panels for the airfields lights is in the vault where is the other panel control tower
what should you have available if your system uses 48 volt DC control? an extra power supply module
the standard control cable for an airfield lighting control system has how many conductors? 7
which airfield vault device is used to swap location of control of the airfield lights transfer switch
what size cable is used for air field light field circuits no. 8
how are the out put leads of and airfield regulator labeled h1 and h2
what size counterpoise is used for and airfield lighting circuits no. 4 AWG
what must be done before replacing an isolating transformer De-energize, tag, and ground the circuit
what feature is common to elevated airfield lights they are built with frangible construction
the primary purpose of the rotating/airport beacon is to guide the pilot to the airfield
how many revolutions per minute does the airport beacon turn 6
what happens when the operating lamp in the airport beacon fails a reserve lamp is place in operation automatically
what voltage is necessary to run the airport beacon 120/240 volts
what device can be used to change voltage up or down for the airport beacon lamps the tap changer in the distribution transformer
what do we use to clean the airport beacons slip rings wood alcohol
what station marks the start of the strobe system station 20+00
how often does each strobe light unit flash twice each second
the strobe system is capable of producing how many brightness steps 3
the wire that connects the flash head to the individual control cabinet is rated at 3 kv
when does the hour elapsed time meter operate when the system is operated on high intensity
what would indicate a failure condition on the lightning protection varistors charring on the surface
how long does it take the flash capacitors to bleed off their charge 1 minute
what is indicated when two skips occur within 100 flashes of the condenser discharge system a worn out lamp
after notifying the control tower what should you do before working on control circuits isolate the circuit
what indication is considered good when you read across a closed switch with a voltmeter 0 volts
to check the coil of a deenergized relay use a an ohmmeter
how are animals prevented from chewing on airfield lighting fixture cords fixtures are designed so that no cords are exposed
what is used to maintain contact with the tower when away from the truck hand held radios
what should you do before screwing an elevated fixture coupling onto the base tighten the lock ring until its fully seated onto the base
which approach lighting systems maintenance item must be done daily check and record burned out lamps
when should you check all approach lighting fixtures for alignment twice a year
where is the precision approach path indicator system located on the left side of the runway
what occurs when a precision approach path indicator unit gets misaligned by more than 1/2 degree up or 1 degree down a tilt switch opens up the entire circuit
how often are di electric oil tests made on airfield regulators annually
when you tie together two airfield light circuits for emergency operation what do you do to prevent regulator overload move the control wire from step 5 relay to step 4
what meter do you use to perform insulation resistance tests on airfield light circuits megohmmeter
to perform a direct current hipotential test on a high intensity runaway edge circuit what voltage value do you use 5000
in order to perform a direct current hi potential test on an airfield light circuit what do you do with the leads once you remove them from the airfield regulator support both leads and keep them clear of each other and the ground
when using radios which two words should you use to describe circuits conditions open/closed
which method of troubleshooting is potentially destructive and should not be used first intentional grounding
what voltage classes can be used for a distribution system 5Kv, 15Kv , 25Kv and 35Kv
the main substation is usually located as close as possible to the center of the base load distribution
which item is designed to open a circuit automatically under load and then restore service quickly once the fault has cleared circuit breaker
a substation with one incoming transmission circuit and three outgoing distribution circuits has atleast how many lightning arrestors 12.
which item supplies control voltage to operate circuit breakers batteries
in a circuit the step voltage regulators primary and secondary windings are configured with the primary in parallel and the secondary in series
what item in a oil circuit breaker suppresses an arc oil
what oil circuit breaker components supply amperage to the protective relays current transformers
the insulating quality of sulfur hexaflouride SF6 at 0 psi is how much greater than dry air 2 1/2 times
why are high voltage fuses enclosed to keep melted metal from dropping into nearby equipment
what is installed in the insulated fiberglass tube assembly to complete the connection between the upper and lower contacts on the fuse holder fuselink
how can a craftsmen easy identify blown fuse cutout the cutout door is hanging down
what percent of electrical system faults are temporary 95
which one of these does not interrupt a fault current sectionalizer
where are overhead switches normally mounted on substation structures or utility poles
what is required for a gang operated overhead switch on a 3 phase circuit one set of blades and contacts
what is usually installed with and oil circuit breaker to allow for equipment maintenance and allows you to keep the circuit in operation knife blades and a normally open airbreak switch
the oil in oil circuit breakers is checked di electrically every 6 months
strong odor from the gas in a sulfur hexaflouride circuit breaker is and indication that gas decomposition has taken place
clean a modern air switch that been closed for a long time by opening and closing it several times
battery bank maintenance is normally done every month
what is used to test a battery for its specific gravity hydrometer syringe
switch board graphic instruments and revenue watt hour meters must be calibrated every 4 years
which device is essentially a voltage regulator and requires similar servicing distribution transformer
the maintenance interval for voltage regulators is every year
battery electrolyte impurities cause irregular cell operation
after repair work on a relay you must make a complete performance test
what publication outlines how to perform a flash hazard analysis to determine personal protective equipment requirement NFPA 70E
leather protectors or gauntlets should be 2 to 5 inches shorter than the rubber gloves
which of these combinations would you likely use inside rubber gloves cotton gloves and dusting powder
the supervisor must visually inspect rubber blankets every 6 months
how must rubber blankets be stored flat or rolled in a blanket canister
while working what must be done if your rubber gloves come in contact with petroleum based products wipe them off quickly
while inspecting rubber insulating line hoses which condition would require the line hose to be removed from service damage extending 1/4 of the wall thickness
what is used to clean nylon parts of body work positioning equipment mild soap and water
when leather can not be mad soft and pliable enough by saddlesoap dressing it should be oiled
which part of the gaff do you sharpen flat inner side
how should you plan you climbing route with respect to a single crossarm opposite the crossarm
when two workers are ascending a pole the second worker must not start climbing until the first one is in a safe work position
which of the following manufacturers certification tests is acceptable for hot sticks 100,000 volts AC per foot for 5 minutes on fiber glass and epoxy sticks
hot sticks are tested electrically with a direct current hi pot test set
at the job site the aerial lift device should be positioned so the work area is always within reach of the boom
materials or tools can only be passed from a worker on the ground to a worker on the aerial lift vehicle when both workers are wearing rubber gloves
the test voltage for a aerial lift basket test is 100 kilovolts Direct current
the line truck winch is operated through the power take off
how is the rope put on the capstan wind it clockwise with the load end next to the truck
the purpose of hand signals is to ensure clear communication between the truck operator and the ground worker
what does holding up a closed fist indicate stop all action
which of these operators inspection guide and trouble report on which you would write up line truck inspection discrepancies af form 1800
what is more common name for a constant current transformer constant current regulator
the insulation value of transformer coils bushings and oil determines the voltage rating of the transformer
when you make delta delta connection for lights and power there is one unusable voltage from b phase to nuetral
which meter do you use in a transformer continuity check megger
which connection would you use for a continuity check on the primary winding of a transformer H1 to H2
What valuable tool in the electric shop will show you the physical location of distribution system components Distribution map
What informs electric shop personnel of unique conditions on the distribution system Abnormal conditions listing
What types of conductor support construction should be used on distribution systems located in. High moisture environments Fiberglass cross arms or epoxy fiberglass arms
What insulator type is commonly connected to one another Suspension
What insulator will you use on low voltage or neutral conductors Spool
What insulator is used to insulate guy wires Strain
The American national standards institute class of an insulator is determined by the Atmospheric pollution and operation voltage
In addition to engineers or the planning section who assists in making a staking sheet of the area over which the line is to pass A survey crew
The afternoon form 103 base civil engineering work clearance request is used for Digging permits
How many inches deeper Down do we set poles that are subject to more strain than normal 6
What tool do workers use to position poles on the ground Can't hook
A large number of poles to be stored are sorted by Length
We usually load poles on the trailer using the Boom method
Where is a wood pole branded 10 feet from the butt
Where local conditions shorten the life of wood poles which pole is preferred Concrete
Aluminum poles are most likely used for Roadway and area lighting circuits
What type of roof do we find on untreated wood poles Slant
What must you do before you cut the roof on a wood pole Find the poles face and backside
What size wood but do you use to drill the holes for a crossarm through bolt 11/16-inch
In using the line truckb and winch to set a pole before you raise the pole slightly attach the winch line Above the midpoint of the pole
If a pole must be set in an energized line what two additional articles of equipment must be used Rubber gloves and pole guard mmmmhmmmm
The proper type of pole anchor depends largely on Soil conditions
What type of anchor do we use for hard or compact soil Expanding
What type of guy do we normally use at a curve in the line Side guy
What valuable tool in the electric shop will show you the physical location of distribution system components? Distribution Map.
What informs electric shop personnel of unique conditions on the distribution system? Abnormal Conditions listing.
What types of conductor support construction should be used on distribution systems located in high moisture environments? Fiberglass Crossarms or Epoxy Fiberglass Arms
What insulator type is commonly connected to one another? Suspension.
What insulator will you use on low-voltage or neutral conductors? Spool.
What insulator is used to insulate guy wires? Strain
The American National Standards Institute class of an insulator is determined by the atmospheric pollution and operating voltage.
In addition to engineers or the planning section, who assists in making a “staking sheet” of the area over which the line is to pass? A survey crew.
The AF Form 103, Base Civil Engineering Work Clearance Request, is used for digging permits
How many inches deeper do we set poles that are subject to more strain than normal? 6
What tool do workers use to position poles on the ground Cant hook.
A large number of poles to be stored are sorted by length.
We usually load poles on a trailer using the boom method.
Where is a wood pole “branded”? 10 feet up from the butt.
Where local conditions shorten the life of wood poles which pole is preferred? Concrete.
Aluminum poles are most likely used for roadway and area lighting circuits.
What type of roof do we find on untreated wood poles? Slant
What must you do before you cut the roof on a wood pole? Find the pole’s face side and back side.
What size wood bit do you use to drill the hole for a crossarm through-bolt? 11/16-inch
In using the line truck and winch to set a pole, before you raise the pole slightly attach the winch line above the midpoint of the pole.
If a pole must be set in an energized line, what two additional articles of equipment must be used? Rubber gloves and pole guard.
The proper type of pole anchor depends largely upon soil conditions.
What type of anchor do we use for hard or compact soil? Expanding.
What type of guy do we normally use at a curve in the line? Side guy.
Which of these combinations do you use to draw up a guy wire and hold it in place for attachment to the anchor rod? Chain hoist and two strand grips.
What factors are considered when establishing the three loading areas for conductors in the United States? Longitudinal, transverse and vertical loading
How far apart are the pole pins spaced for a 12.470 kilovolt line? 30 inches
In vertical construction, where do we install the first conductor in relation to the top of the utility pole? 9 inches below the top
When raising a crossarm the person on the ground uses A half hitch and a clove hitch
You use a conductor pulled from pole to pole over the crossarms instead of first laying it out on the ground when The ground is rough or stony
When building a new pole line, if you are on the second pole which conductor does the person on the ground send up first? The inside conductor
Which splice uses tapered jaws to hold the conductor? Automatic
What do you do to prevent a hot-line clamp from burning a main conductor? Use a stirrup
What type of insulator is used at the dead end for a primary conductor? Suspension
How long after the preliminary sagging must you wait to allow conductors to “creep”? 30 minutes to 4 hours
What size tie wire do we use for No. 2 conductor? No. 4
Pad mounting is the preferred mounting method for what transformer size? 75 kilovolt-ampere
Which method do we most likely use to install light, single-phase transformers? Block and tackle
Where do you connect the top and bottom connection points of a transformer’s lightning arrester? Top to primary wire bottom to ground wire
What can we install to raise the power factor in a distribution circuit? Capacitors
What device do we use across a capacitor’s terminals to gradually discharge the capacitor? Resistor
What minimum depth below grade should you install a 12,470 volts alternating current (VAC) circuit using rigid, nonmetallic conduit? 18 inches
Ducts that terminate in a building must be sealed to prevent Gases and rodents from entering a building
What information is marked on manhole covers? Ownership or type of utility
What is the minimum size of a constructed manhole? 4 feet by 6 feet by 6 feet
The use of 90° bends in duct lines is permitted for Pole risers
What is the purpose of a vault? Isolate electrical equipment
Junction boxes located in an underground vault must Provide a water tight seal
The mechanical strength of underground cable is not a major concern because the cable is Not under tension
What material is used between the conductor and the cable insulation? Strand shielding
When pulling cable, the snatch block and pulling rope is attached to The pulling in iron in the manhole
What is the device used to attach the underground cable to the pulling rope? Basket grip
Which procedure do you use to assure that a duct is clear of obstructions? Rodding
Why is proper cable reel placement important? Ensures the bend in the cable is not reversed
How many people does it take to pull underground cable safely using the winch method? 4
What term describes an underground cable that is brought up through a conduit and attached to an overhead line? Riser
The device used to terminate high-voltage cables is called a High voltage termination
When making a load-break elbow, before attaching the crimp connector to the cable make sure you Align the hole on the end of the conductor with the equipment bushing
After sliding the elbow over the connector and cable the next step is to Thread the electrode into the connector using the wrench from the elbow kit
What depth do you dig the trench for a below-ground check of a pole? 8 to 18 inches
Decay usually starts at what location on a crossarm? Pin holes
What condition can cause a crossarm to twist? Unbalanced strain or insufficient guying
When a span shows too much sag while adjacent spans appear normal, It's a sign of loose wires
We must make voltage and current readings on capacitor installations at least 4 times a year
What do we use to cut tree limbs that are beyond arm’s reach? Pole saw
Where would you put the tree pruner to add a third section? Lean it against a tree limb
What species of trees do we usually top? Willow cotton wood and poplar
What is usually the first step in troubleshooting a tripped overhead distribution circuit? Inspect the circuit visually
What do we use to test a distribution line for a ground? Megger
Which of these is not one of the three main causes of power line noise? Bonded ground wires on the utility pole
What must the electrician do before working on deenergized lines? Test and ground lines
How is the cable used for ground sets constructed? 600 volts insulated rubber or synthetic covered flexible copper
When a break occurs in an energized line, how is the line at the break affected? The center disappears leaving soft wire on either side
What do you use to check a suspected damaged transformer? Megger
What must you do before working on energized lines? Inspect hot line tools and equipment for proper operation
What two connector types do we use when splicing energized conductors? Compression and automatic
In making a midspan splice on an energized line, position the personnel bucket of the bucket truck So the linemen can face the splice area from the front of the bucket
What tie stick head do we normally use to untie tie wires? Fixed head
Once we untie the tie wires what do we use to raise the auxiliary crossarm assembly? A handline
When the pole has a single crossarm supporting three phase conductors how many line hoses are needed for a pole change? 8
When replacing a pole, how many feet above the pole do you raise the auxiliary arm? 3 to 4 feet
The high voltage audible indicator makes an audible sound when placed In an electrostatic field
The act of tying a tagline to each outside conductor with a bowline knot and pulling the conductors out of the work area is called Tagging out
After you remove the crossarm, who lowers it to the ground? The ground person
Service meters are used to determine How much power has been used by a facility or organization
The service meter normally measures Kilowatt hours
What is the formula to find the amount of watt-hours used? New reading minus previous reading
When transposing the numbers from the dial meter to a piece of paper, start on the Right hand dial then work the the left
What is the approximate bending radius for underground cable? 5 to 12 times the cables diameter
How much straight cable needs to exist on each side of a cable splice for racking purposes? 6 inches
What type of tape is used for fireproofing underground cable in manholes? Polymeric elastomer
What type of cable test is made after its installed but before it is placed into service? Acceptance test
Generally if a cable’s insulation is deteriorating, what does a direct current high potential (DC Hypot) cable test indicate for each succeeding test? Lower resistance or a higher power factor
What is the easiest and quickest way to locate a cable fault? Visually
When you check for a grounded conductor with a volt-ohmmeter, what reading would indicate a grounded conductor? Low resistance
When you use the mm–1 fault locator or the thumper to locate a cable fault, when you are over the fault location Fault locator signal fades out at the fault thumper signal increases to the loudest volumemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
In many cases, a cable fault is located at a Splice
Which cable splice kit requires the most labor to install? Conventional tape splice kit
What should be your first step when troubleshooting a pad mount transformer? Take a complete set of secondary phase to phase and phase to ground voltage readings
If tests indicate an off-ratio winding, how would you verify whether or not the problem was in the transformer? Take voltage readings on the primary side of the transformer
What is the next step in installing strobe lights after you ground the series circuit adapter and master strobe? Discharge the capacitors
What is the TAG’s first step in installing the strobe units? Position the strobe master unit so that it's window faces away from the runway
What is the next step after the TAG installs the 1000 foot crossbar? Install the approach lights
What is the final step in installing the runway edge lights? Anchor each light fixture with two ballast rings or one stake
What do you do first when leveling and aiming a precision approach path indicator (PAPI) unit? Level the unit from side to side by adjusting the units two front knobs
What is the final step in installation of the precision approach path indicator (PAPI) units? Adjust the tilt switch so that the bubble is in the middle
How do you begin the procedure for installing the emergency airfield lighting system obstruction lights? Install the batteries into the fixture
When performing an open circuit test on the regulator, what is the next step after turning the circuit breaker off? Remove the male to make adapter cable from the output current plugs
When replacing a lamp on a runway edge light, how do you remove the lamp from its base? Turn the lamp in a counter clockwise direction
How do you remove the red lens from an obstruction light? Loosen the screws holding the lens in place turn it to the right and pull it straight up
Which of the following is a step in the process of changing out a lamp in a strobe unit? Short the capacitors
What is the procedure for removing the electrical connection from a precision approach path indicator (PAPI) lamp Push in the connector and turn it counterclockwise
What generator is used for emergency backup of facilities that are mission essential, such as communications centers and command posts? Mep 806a
Besides conductor size, what is another important factor to consider when reducing voltage drop in an electrical circuit? Circuit distance
You have a #8 AWG stranded copper conductor with 0.778 ohms of resistance for each 1,000 feet of length. If you run that cabling 100 feet between the power plant and the load, the total resistance would be 0.00778 ohms
How do you start the engine of a mission essential power (MEP) 806B generator? Hold ENGINE CONTROL switch in the START for 2 seconds
What is the first step to shutting down a generator? Hold AC CIRCUIT INTERRUPT switch in OPEN position to open the load contactor
When operating in extremely cold climates, what must you do to prevent the battery from freezing when you add water? Immediately mix the fluid by charging the battery
The Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources Order of Battle (BOB) is based on increments on of how many personnel? 250
On a 25-kw power distribution panel (PDP), what is the 60-amp output utilized for? To connect a field deployable environmental control unit
How many light masts come with the remote area lighting system (RALS)? 13
What is the proper wattage and lamp type used on the remote area lighting system (RALS)? 150 watt high pressure sodium
You can establish automatic operation of a fully operational remote area lighting system (RALS) by positioning the override switch to AUTO
What is the output rating of the diesel generator on the telescoping floodlight set? 6kw
For proper operation, you need to keep the telescoping floodlight set generator output between 233 and 247 VAC
What is the full height of the telescoping floodlight set trailer tower? 29 feet
How often must you clean the air filter in the generator on the telescoping floodlight set when operating under dusty conditions? Once a day
The reverse osmosis water purification unit (ROWPU) requires a power supply capable of providing 120/208 VAC
What is used to ground the reverse osmosis water purification unit (ROWPU)? A three piece ground rod that is stored on the control panel
What safety precaution should be taken prior to disconnecting any pipes or equipment on the reverse osmosis water purification unit (ROWPU)? Open all the drains and vents
Where is the reverse osmosis water purification unit (ROWPU) ground rod stored? On the control panel
Which contingency asset requires two dedicated secondary distribution centers (SDC) to meet its high load demands? Basic expeditionary airfield resources kitchen
The basic expeditionary airfield resources (BEAR) kitchen is powered by two generators, one 60 kW and one 30 kw
When operating how often is the basic expeditionary airfield resources (BEAR) kitchen electrical system inspected? Weekly
What is the primary distribution voltage of the basic expeditionary airfield resources (BEAR) electrical system? 4160
What is the output of the 750-kW, mission essential power (MEP)–12 generator in a basic expeditionary airfield resources (BEAR) package? Three phase 2400 volts
What type of cable termination is used for the primary switching center (PSC) connections? Load break elbows
Which way point is used to tie two primary switching centers (PSC) together? 6
When connecting two primary switching centers (PCS) together using 500 MCM copper cable, what is required to make the connection? 600 amp dead break
What is used to compensate for voltage drop in a secondary distribution center (SDC)? Tap changes
What is the conductor size and insulation value of the basic expeditionary airfield resources (BEAR) high-voltage electrical cable? #1/0, 5 kv
You should bury primary cables to a depth of at least 18 inches
How many ways on the primary switching center (PSC) have load interrupter switches? 2
Before performing maintenance on the secondary distribution center (SDC) you Ensure all power is removed
What is the mostly likely problem when there is no power to any of the outbound primary distribution center feeders? Power source failure
The recommended distance for secondary runs from the secondary distribution center (SDC) is not to exceed 800 feet
What basic expeditionary airfield resources (BEAR) asset is used as the main distribution point for secondary circuits? Secondary distribution center
How many 120/208 volts alternating current output circuits can the secondary distribution center (SDC) provide? 16
Which power distribution panel is associated with the tent extendible modular personnel (TEMPER) tent? 25kw
What cable size is used to connect the low-voltage mission essential power generator to the secondary distribution center (SDC)? 25 foot, 200 amp
How do you deenergize the transformer windings of one secondary distribution center (SDC) without deenergizing any of the interconnected SDCs? Pull the three fused disconnects in the high voltage compartment
What can you do to ground the system if the ground rod cannot be driven into the earth during deployments to locations where low voltage will be used for a short time? Bury the ground rod in a horizontal trench that is 18 inches deep
What mixture of salt and water normally increases the conductivity of the soil that is in contact with a ground rod? 3 pounds of salt per one gallon of water
How many light streamers are installed in each tent? 1
When dissembling the tent lighting assets, where do you store the components? In the proper storage containers
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