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Soc+ Ch.8-10

New vocab

intersex babies born with ambiguous genitals because of a hormone imbalance in the womb or some other cause
gender your sense of being male or female and your playing masculine and feminine roles in ways defined as appropriate by your culture and society
gender identity a persons identification with, or sense of belonging to a particular sex, biologically, physiologically and socially
essentialism views gender differences as a reflection of biological differences between men and women
social constructionism views gender differences as a reflection of different social positions occupied by men and women
gender idiology what constitutes appropriate masculine and feminine roles and behavior
transgendered defy rigid distinction between male and female: may be homo or heterosexual
transsexuals people who want to alter their gender
occupational sex segregation concentration of women in certain occupations and men in others
acquaintance rape sexual assault involving intercourse by someone the victim knows
quid pro quo sexual harrassment sexual threats or bribery are made as a condition of employment
hostile environment sexual harrassment involves sexual jokes, touching and comments that interfere with work or create an unfriendly work environment
nuclear family man, woman plus at lease one child
traditional nuclear family husband works outside for money and wife works without pay at home
polygamy nuclear family expands "horizontally" adding at least one spouse
crude divorce rate number of divorces per year per 1000 in population
total fertility rate average number of children born to a woman in her lifetime if she had the same number of children as her age cohort in a given year
blended family includes spousal children of previous marriage
collective conscience common sentiments and values that people share as a result of living together (Durkheim)
profane secular everyday world
sacred religious transcendent world
rituals set practices designed to connect people to the sacred
totems objects that symbolize the sacred
routinization of charisma transformation of the unique gift of divine enlightenment into a permanent feature of everyday life (Weber)
church mainstream religious institution
secularization thesis religious institutions, actions and consciousness are on the decline worldwide
fundamentalists interpret scriptures literally; seek direct personal relationship with higher being
revised secularization thesis worldly religious institutions break off from the institution over time. Therefore religions govern smaller part of lives and is a choice.
ecclesia state supported churches
denominations streams of belief and practices churches allow to coexist
sects less integrated into society; may have break away charismatic leader
charismatic leaders claim to be inspired by supernatural powers
cults small groups deeply committed to religious vision that rejects mainstream culture and society
religiosity degree religion is important to people
educational attainment number of years completed
educational achievement how much students actually learn
cultural capital widely shared, high-status cultural signals
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