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SS Unit 4 Exam Steve

Unit 4: Europe Exam Review

In which sea is the mouth of the Danube River? Black Sea
Great Britain and the continent of Europe are separated by which body of water? English Channel
In which country are 1 in 12 workers employed in the tourism industry? France
Along with Czech Republic, which two countries in Europe used to be under Communist rule? Slovakia and Hungary
Where is Poland located? Between Germany and Belarus
Where is the location of Oslo? Southern Norway
Which natural resource fueled Europe's industry in the 1800's? Coal
Describe the Northern European Plains. Rich Soil, abundant resources, and dense population
Which natural resource is located under the North Sea? oil
What causes such a difference in climate for northwestern Spain and inland Spain? rain shadow effect of the Pyrenees Mountains
Since Europe is one large peninsula, there are just a few countries that are _______, or surrounded by land. landlocked
How many countries are included in Europe? 44
Name Europe's two clean energy sources. hydroelectric and wind power
What problems does burning lignite coal create? acid rain
Where is the North Sea located? East of Great Britain (U.K.), southwest of Norway, North of Germany
In which climate zone do coniferous trees grow best? Humid Continental
Describe Northern Italy. Prosperous, high standard of living, rich farm region, near the Po River Valley, raise livestock and grow grapes, olives and other crops, Milan, Turin, and Genoa are manuf. cities and produce cars tech instruments, appliances, clothing, high quality goods
Describe Southern Italy. poorer, less industrialized, mountainous terrain, limited mineral deposits, poor land for farming and grazing, few navigable rivers, and high unemployment
Describe the climate in Norway. colder climate, more rainfall, cold, wet winters and cool, wet summers, abundant forests, fishing and timber industries are major , little farming and enjoy winter sports
Describe the climate of Italy. produces grapes, olive trees, little forests, Mediterranean climate, moderate temperatures, warm weather crops grow well, very hot and dry in the summer, little activity during summer heat.
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