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SS Unit 1 Review

Unit 1: The World study guide for test

When geographers divide total population by total land area, what are they measuring? population density
What does population density represent? an average
What are examples of "pull" factors for migration? jobs, education, fertile soil, resources, climate
What 2 government types have elected representatives who make the laws? Constitutional Monarchy and Representative Democracy
What type of government rules using military force? Dictatorship
What is an example of cultural diffusion? Native Americans using the horse in their daily life
What countries are developing countries? Guatemala, Cambodia, and Sierra Leone
Who makes the key decisions in a command economy? the government
Where is the Ring of Fire located? it surrounds the Pacific Ocean
How much of Earth's water is salt water? 97%
WHat is the biosphere? The collection of plants and animals living on Earth.
What is the purpose of the ozone layer? it protects against the damaging rays of the sun
Which high latitude subcategory has coniferous trees? subarctic
In which area of Europe would marine west coast climate exist? Northwest Europe
What type of vegetation would you find in the tropical savannah climate? grasslands dotted by scattered trees
What develops along the fault lines in the Ring of Fire? volcanoes
Which type of air blows from the ocean toward the mountain in the rain shadow? warm moist air
Which type of wind current is experiences near the Great Lakes? prevailing westerlies
What type of wind are the southeasterly trade winds? warm wind
What makes up the lithosphere? ocean, Oceanic crust, Continental crust, and the upper mantle
What is the meaning of El Nino? "the boy"
What happens in an El Nino event? drought, heavy rains, and severe storms
What are the negative effects of migration on the home country? can hurt the economy if skilled workers leave
What are the positive effects of migration on the home country? eases overcrowding in a country
What are the negative effects of migration on the new country? native citizens fear or resent immigrants and the changes they bring, causing violence
What are the positive effects of migration on the new country? immigrants bring new forms of music, art, food, and language
Created by: kstevenson