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Pc qual

What is MRC-100 for? Turnaround checklist
What is the MRC-300 for? Daily deck checklist
What is the MRC-350 for? Specials
What is the MRC-390 for? Conditionals
What is the MRC-400 for? Phases
What is the 4790.2C ? Naval aviation maintenance program
What is the 4790.2C ch 10? Standard operational procedures
Where is the plane captain's qualification program? Namp ch 10.14
Where is the fuel surveillance program? Namp ch 10.2
Who is the approved for PC designation? CO
Who signs the A-sheet? Plane captain, SFF qualified, HAC qualified.
Who signs ordnance block on the A sheet? Ordnance team member
Where can a list of the SFF qualified be found? Maintenance monthly plan
Warning could... ? Result in injury, death or health hazard
Caution can result in...? Damage or destruction to equipment
Note is a...? Procedure that requires emphasis on the next step.
Does a daily satisfy a turnaround? No
Does a turnaround satisfy a daily? No
How long is a daily good for? 72hrs unless it flies or has major maintenance
Once a AC launches, how long is a daily good for? 24hrs
How long should a daily/turnaround take? As long as needed
How long is a TA good for? 24hrs unless flown or major maintenance has been done.
How long does the cards say it should take to complete a turnaround? 0.5Hrs/30min
How long does it say a daily should take? 8hrs
Pc signature on A sheet signifies? I have personally inspected the a/c in accordance with applicable mrc's. 4790/38
If daily drops dead in flight will AC be required to land? No
What's first step of beginning daily? Check ADB.
What reason do you check ADB before doing daily? Avoid cutting duplicate MAF's and check for previous existing issues.
What can be found in ADB? Pink sheet, phases, specials, oil consumption log, AC flight hours, DTA paper work, DTA for at least last 10 flights, fuel surveillance, open work orders, weight and balance requirements
Max people allowed sign off daily? No limit
Who's last signature of DTA? Maintenance control
When must fuel samples be taken? Turnaround or first flight of day
What do you look for, fuel samples? Water, discoloration, cloudiness, sediment, micro-bio organisms
Who inspects fuel samples? CDI, SUP, CDQAR, qualified air crew, QA
How long are fuel samples good for 24hrs
How long should you wait to take fuel sample after refueling/move? 2hrs
What fuel should we know about? JP5 (commonly used), JP4(restricted), JP8 (alternative)
What are the NATO codes JP8 JP5 and JP4? JP5: F44 Jp4: F40 JP8: F34
What is a flashpoint? The temperature the fuel needs to ignite
What are the flash points for JP5, JP8 and JP4? JP5: 140F JP8: 100F JP4: -4F below
What's the flashpoint for JP4? Below -4 Fahrenheit
What is the flash point for JP5? 140 fehrenheit
What is the flashpoint for JP8 100 Fahrenheit
How many people are required to take fuel samples? 2
What do you wear fuel samples? Chemical resistant gloves, splash proof goggles, apron
What is FSK? Fuel sample kit
What is in the fuel sample kit? Splash proof goggles, chemical resistant gloves, apron, Pintle drain, AUX pump, fuel sample bottles, philips, flat head
What do you check before taking fuel samples? Battery disconnected
What do you do if you find contaminants in a fuel sample? Drain approx 1 gallon and resample
What do you do if you find another contaminate after draining 1 gallon in fuel sample? Notify maintenance control, initiate down discrepancy, initiate discrepancy report against AC, give both samples to QA
What's used to clean fuel sample bottles? Alconox
What water looks like in fuel? Water slug/ bubbles at bottom of fuel damp bottle. Water heavier then fuel
What inspection fuel sample included in? Turnaround
How do you properly ground AC? Ground then AC
What's correct way to remove ground? AC then ground
What does letter "C" represent on daily deck? Corrosion
What is the inertia reel lever? The seat belt lever (bottom left of seat)
What are attenuators ? Vertical rods located behind seat
How many drive shafts on AC ? 6
Which drive shaft, shortest? #1
How many gear boxes? 3; MGB IGB TGB
Can you verify oil level on TGB IGB with folded tail? No
How determine proper fuel level for IGB ? Oil within bulls eye
How determine if fuel is proper level TGB? Fluid between lines
Max wind velocity for blade fold and spread? 45 knots
How many people required to fold tail? 5; 3 on fold pole, 1 on stab, 1 on stab wrench.
Can tail pylon and main rotor blade fold same time? No
What 4 things do pc look for during inspection? Fod, corrosion, security, integrity
How many HYD pumps are on the AC? 4
Where is can opener? Lid of coffee can
What is proper nomenclature of coffee can? Hydraulic refill hand pump reservoir
What is limit when servicing #1-3 HYD pump? 3/8 in into overfill zone (blue)
Where are trim servos? In front HYD bay
Where are the second servos located? Forward of mixer
What are names of secondary servos? Y'all, roll, pitch, collective
Primary servos located? Names? Aft of mixer, forward, aft, lateral
How many types of HYD lines are there? Names? 3; braided, rubber, hard
What type of HYD fluid is used ? MIL-PRF-83282
What alternate HYD fluid, AC working at extreme temp? MIL-PRF-5606
What does PDI stand for? How many on AC? Pressure differential indicator; 14 2 each HYD pump (8) 1 on MGB 2 each engine (4) 1 on Pilot assist module
How much coffee can hold? 1.3qtz
Wait time to inspect engine after shut down? 20min
What time to inspect MGB after shut down? 30min-2hrs
Wait time inspect IGB/TGB after shut down? No wait time
Wait time to inspect APU after shut down? 1hr
Capacity of MGB ? 7.5gallons
Capacity of TGB/IGB 2.75 pints
Capacity of engines? 7.3 quarts
Capacity of APU? 2 quarts
Capacity of water reservoir? 1.3Qtz
Capacity of fuel cells 180 gallons
Capacity of aux tank? 200 gallons
What do you service water reservoir with? Freezing temperatures? Water, half water half alcohol
What type of oil is used for gearboxes? DOD-PRF-85734
What oil is used service engines? MIL-PRF-23699
What oil used to service APU MIL-PRF-23699
What alternate to service gearbox, engines, and APU in freezing temp? MIL-PRF-7808
Limit rotor brake pressure ? 450-690 psi
Limit APU 2700-3100 psi
Main landing gear tire limit? 130-140 psi
Tail tire limit ? 100-110 psi
Cut limit tail tire? 5/32in
Cut limit main tire? 4/32in
Limit for engine oil when servicing? 1in below full line
Limit for Viscous dampers? 1in or less acceptable, 1-2 in serviceable, 2 or more in replace.
Limit for flex coupling? .030 separation
Limit for fire bottles? Refer to pressure temp matrix on bottle.
Position of tail wheel lock pin when locked? Down
Position of tail wheel lock pin when unlocked Up
What is blade deflection when tying Mr blades? 6-12 in
Where does the pc stand in direction to the pilot? 50 ft forward, 10 ft to right
What hand signals must pilot obey? Hold and wave off
Is anyone allowed in rotor arc when shutting/ starting down/up engines, engine water wash burnout even if rotor brake is applied? No, rotor brake may slip. Blades will turn
How do you notify pilots of leak on AC? Pinch nose, point to affected area.
What is demot? Way to distinguish trouble shooters.
How many chip detectors on AC? Where? 9; MGB, IGB, TGB, 1 each engine(2), 1ea input module (2)1 ea Accessory module(2)
Which chip detectors have fuzz burn off? All except those for the engine
How many elastomeric bearings are on the AC? 26
Where are elastomeric bearings ? 2 each PCR (8) 2 each PCL (8) 2 in stab (2) each hub (8)
What is made of copper beryllium? Droop stops, lock pin pullers
Why is copper beryllium dangerous? It causes cancer
How can copper beryllium be treated? Submerge affected component under water
What five switches create a flight light? Tail pylon lock pin switch, gust lock switch, crack switch, one on each stab.
How many fire detectors? Where? 5; 2 each engine bay(2) 1 on APU
What's used to inspect fire detectors? Red lens flashlight
What's CAD stand for? Cartridge actuated device
How many cads unlocked helo? 6; 2 ea firebottle, 1 rescue hoist, 1 cargo hook
How many cads on fully armed helo? 70; 30 each chaff and flare(60), 2 ea BRU, 1 cargo hook, rescue hoist, 2 each fire bottle
Where can you find NATOPS? Cabin, aft of pilot seat, ready room, Pema
When discovered code for daily? J
When discovered code for turnaround? K
What is type of work order for daily or turnaround? DF
How many required open HYD bay on ship? 2
Colors of MRB? Red, black, blue , yellow.
Which blade has a bumper? Black
Order of clamping blades when folding? Red, black, blue yellow
Order clamp blades when spread? Yellow ,blue ,black, red
Where are the ADHELLS LOCATED? In the cabin
Where are the IHEELS? Around jettison handles for cabin windows
How many required for move? 6; 1 pc, 2 wingealkers/chockers, safety observer, brake rider, tow tractor driver
How many required move without brakes? 7; 2wing walkers 2 chockers, 1 pc, 1 safety observer, 1 tow track driver.
Can AC be towed without floor panels? Yes
Will cockpit be manned when AC has inoperable brakes? No
Who authorize move without brakes? MO
Max speed of AC towed? 5mph or as fast as slowest wing walker
A AC moving 5mph is moving how many feet per second? 7.3 ft
How many feet will a AC move after unexpected stop? 6-9 ft
What degree will stab be brought before pushing it? 0 degrees, max view between tow driver and director(pc)
How many people required to move bird in hangar? 7: pc, 2 wing walkers, break rider, tow tractor driver, 1 safety observer, 1 safe for flight E7+
How many people required for move into hangar with inoperable brakes? 8; PC, 2 wing walkers, 2 chocks, safety observer, tow track driver, SFF E7
What 3 methods fuel aircraft? Pressure, gravity, inflight refueling
What does HIFR mean? Helo inflight refueling
How do you check precheck valves? Actuated during pressure fueling, to test if fuel flow stoppage sensors function.
How Long do you wait while working fuel precheck valves for fuel to stop? 5-10 seconds
Can fueling be continued if precheck fails? No
Max fueling psi during pressure fueling 55psi
Max fueling during pressure defueling? -3psi
Should Engines or APU operating during gravity defueling? No
Following APU aborted start attempt, how long should you wait to start again? 2minutes
How do you find out fuel level of aircraft? Apply external power then turn on mission display.
Must the fuel be drained when changing from JP5-JP8? No, only when to a restricted fuel; JP4
How much does JP5 weight? 6.8lbs/gallon
How much does JP8 weight? 6.7lbs/gallon
Where to find NATO codes and fuel alternates? NATOPS ch3 and MIL-HDBK-844
What must occur before AC restricted fuel, brought in hangar? Flashpoint of fuel in tank must be above 120degrees
Required class for contamination for SE? Class III or above
Required class for contamination for AC? Class V or above.
What is warning forward firing ordnance? Don't stand forward/aft. Don't remove tags
Limit tire slip marks? No more than 1/4in
What's dangerous about fishy eye? Coated double nickel salt.
Where is hearing protection required with turning aircraft ? 200ft
Where is hearing protection required with APU turning? 50ft
What type of hearing protection do we use Double hearing protection
What are 6 sections of AC? Nose section, mid section(cabin section), tail pylon section, tail cone section, main rotor pylon section, transition section
Where is Julian date used? Battery drop dead date
What is neutralizing agent used for thermal runaway? Vinegar and water
How many bridges on AC? 2; FWD and AFT.
Why should external power/battery be used when folding tail? Tail rotor indexer
Where is servicing of the engine recorded? DTA, ADB and OOMA
How many position lights? 3; green (stbd ), red (port), white (aft)
Normal was ratio? 1-4 compound to water
Light wash ratio? 1-9 compound to water
Heavy wash ratio? 1-1 compound to water
How long does cleaning solution last on aircraft before washing? 3-5min
How do you properly wash a AC? Aft to fwd, bottom to top.
Fastener integrity rule for IGB and TGB? 1 fastener on corner 2 side by side 3 fasteners total.
Levels of ORM? Time critical, deliberate, in depth
Principle of ORM Identify hazards, assess hazards, make risk decisions, implement controls, supervise
ABCD model of ORM? Assess situation, balance resources, communicate with others, debrief the event.
What's ATAF? All tools accounted for
How many times do you ATAF? 5 times; before you start work, when you get to work location, mid of work, after you work, once you get back.
What does pulling of circuit breakers do? Stop electricity from flowing through
What circuit breakers are pulled before a move? Stab, pitot, jettison, sheer/mstr sheer, anti-ice, fire extinguisher, armaments
How do you release the parking break? Push top upper part of the left rudder pedal
How many ways can you lock/unlock the tail wheel? 2; hydraulically and manually
How many ways can you service the APU accumulator? 2; manually & hydraulically
What are the types of tie downs? Initial, intermediate, permanent, and heavy weather
How many chains do you need for each type of tie down? Initial: 4/6 Intermediate: 12 Permanent: 18 Heavy weather tiedown: 18
How often do plane captains do a monitor? Semi-annually
A1-H60CA-MRC300 is? Daily deck
A1-H60CA- MRC-100 is? Turnaround cards
A1-H60SA-350 is? Special inspections
A1-H60CA-MRC-390 is? Conditional inspections
A1-H60CA-MRC-400 is? Phase inspections
A1-H60SA-GAI-000 is? General aircraft information
A1-H60SA-GAI-010 is? Plane captains manual
A1-H60SA-NFM-000 is? NATOPS flight manual
4790.2C is? NAMP (naval aviation maintenance program)
00-80R-14 is? AC firefighting
00-80R-14-1 is? AC emergency rescue
00-80T-96 is Basic SE handling and safety
00-80T-109 is? Aircraft refueling NATOPS
00-80T-113 is? Aircraft signals NATOPS
00-80T-120 is? CVN NATOPS
01-1A-509 vol 1-4 Cleaning and corrosion manual
04-10-506 is? Tires and tubes
17-1-537 is? AC securing and handling
What are some ways your SE license can become useless? Revoked, expires, or actual drivers license expires
What does ALBAR stand for? Adjustable length tow bar
What should you do to chains before rotor engagement? Why? Loosen them, ground resonance.
What does blowing of the whistle mean? STOP, CHOCK and SECURE AC
What should driver do if He/She doesn't understand signal? Stop wait for director to approach
When blades being folded what is the job of wing walkers? Ensure personnel or equipment not in path of blades
Are you able to fold main rotor blade and tail pylon same time? Is it allowed? Yes, fuck no. It's prohibited.
If blade fold is stopped and yellow blade positioned over APU what do you do? Shut down APU immediately, continue blade fold manually.
What can happen if you forget to verify index of tail pylon? Windmilling
Where do you not put the blade clamp on when securing the blades? Tip cap
What will happen if you over service APU? Oil foaming, abnormal gear wear and low oil pressure will occur
When servicing HYD pumps, what should you make sure to check? Hydraulic fluid in coffee can, you do not want to cycle air through system
Who authorizes move? MO on shore, ACHO (aircraft handling officer on board)
How much does the tail wheel swivel? 360 degrees
Where do the wing walkers position themselves? Abeam of the tires
What do you not use the towbar for? Lock/unlock tail wheel
What do you cover with barrier paper before wash job? Underside all 5 tail viscous dampers, uniball, links, coffee can, servicing side of MGB, teeth of tail.
NATO code for engine oil? 0-156
What does should mean...? Recommended
How much fuel on deck before it's considered a fuel spill? 5 gallons
How far should AC be from active radar set? 75 ft
What percentage mixture of JP 5 & 8 will make 120F? 70%JP5 + 30% JP8
How far should AC be from another AC? 50 ft
Minimum length albar needed for MH60S? 20ft
What do dampers do? Prevent hunting
Where's the battery located? Below copilot seat
What type of battery is in the helo? 24VDC 5.5 ampere 20-cell
How many ways can you fold spread rotor blades? How? 3 ways; automatically, manually, and with the MRB test set
Which way does the rotor head turn when viewed from above? Counter clockwise
Rotor head is controlled by? Flight control hydraulic servo's
What are Dampers filled with? Pressurized HYD fluid
What percentage do droop stops move outward? Above 55%
Why is the blade pressurized with nitrogen? To detect cracks.
What is the blade made of? Honey comb core, fiberglass skin, nickle and titanium abrasion/erosion strips
How much power does the T700-GE-401C have? 1800 shaft horse power
What is the purpose of chip detectors? To attract loose metal chips
Which 3 drive shafts are inter changeable? 2,3 and 4
What does viscous dampers do? Reduce vibration, provides self alignment to drive shaft
Helo uses what 3 types of electrical power? Primary, auxiliary, and external
What type of battery? 115/200 VAC 3 phase, 400hz 28 VDC
Transfer modules transfer HYD pressure from pump modules to..? Flight control servos
How long is the rescue hook cable? 200ft; first 20ft And last 20 ft orange
What does HIRSS stand for? Hover inferred suppression system
What does the HIRSS do? Reduces line of sight hot surfaces and suppresses exhaust radiation
What is EFRS? Extended range fuel system
What is the HIFR fuel point called? Wiggins nipple
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