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Summer 1

ability skill, talent at a particular task
elegant beautiful, graceful, stylish, fancy
passage reading selection; narrow way between rooms, buildings, etc; the moving through past something from one place to another.
absorb to soak up; absorption
enable to make something possible
pastime leisure time activity
accuse to directly blame someone
examine to look at closely, to inspect
pause to stop briefly
act a division within a play; a pretended performance; an action or deed; to do something;
explore to check out what something is like
perform to put on a show; to carry out an action
active physically energetic; getting directly involved in something rather than just giving it your support (e.g., active member of the Women's Rights movement)
plunge to fall or dive deeply -- physically, as into the water or mentally, as into one's studies or into a relationship
superior of the best quality; better than anyone / anything else
inferior worse than others; of poor quality
startled suddenly surprised, sometimes reacting with a small jerking movement
opossum (possum) common nocturnal, rat-like, marsupial animal
Created by: lindabarry