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Ch 10 P Terms

Acquiring Medical Language

adenoidectomy removal of the adenoids
antitussive a drug that prevents coughing
bronchioplasty reconstruction of the bronchus
bronchodilator a drug that expands the walls of the bronchi
cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) a method of artificially maintaining blood flow and airflow when breathing and pulse have stopped
endotracheal intubation insertion of a tube inside the trachea
expectorant a drug that encourages that expulsion of material from the lungs
laryngectomy removal of the larynx
laryngoplasty reconstruction of the larynx
lobectomy removal of a lobe
mucolytic a drug that aids in the breakdown of mucus
nebuilizer a machine that administers respiratory medication by recreating a cloud or mist that is inhaled by the patient
palatoplasty reconstruction of the palate
pleuropexy reattachment of the pleura
pneumonectomy removal of a lung
septoplasty reconstruction of the septum
thoracentesis puncture of the chest
thoracocentesis puncture of the chest
thoracoplasty reconstruction of the chest
thoracostomy creation of an opening in the chest
thoracotomy incision into the chest
tonsillectomy removal of the tonsils
tracheostomy creation of an opening in the trachea
tracheotomy incision into the trachea
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