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Med Term Ch 4

Chapter 4 Integumentary System

Dermatoautoplasty autografting of skin taken from another part of patient's own body.
Dermatophobia morbid fear of aquiring a skin disease.
Kerat (o) denoting horny tissue or cornea of the eye.
Keratoid resembling horny skin.
Dermomycosis fungus of the skin.
trichopathy disease of the hair.
onychoptosis Falling off the nail.
Trichoglossia hairy condition of the tongue.
histocyte A tissue cell.
Sarcolysis Breakdown of the flesh.
Sarcoma tumor of the flesh.
Historrhexis rupture of the tissue.
sarcoblast immature cell of the flesh.
sarcopoietic formation of flesh.
lipopenia deficiency of lipids in the blood
Steat (o) denoting relationship to fat.
steatorrhea excessive amount of fat in the feces.
adiposuria condition of fat in the urine.
hidradenitis inflimation of the sweat glands.
keratolytics angents that soften the horny layer of the epidermis.
antifungals agents that destroy fungus or suppress its growth.
parasiticides agents that destroy parasites.
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