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Pelvis Definitions

Doll & Pelvis

Borders of pelvic inlet Posteriorly: sacral promontory, sacral ala Lateral: ileopectineal line Anterior: pubic symphysis
Borders of pelvic outlet Post: tip of coccyx Lat: inf margin of sacrotuberous lig & ischial tub Ant: pubic arch (inf border of ischiopubic rami)
Definition of Obstetric conjugate? AP diameter (minimal AP dia): midpoint of sacral promontory & post surface of pubis symphysis (5mm less than TRUE )
Definition of diagonal conjugate Inf border of pubic symphysis to sacral prom
Definition of true conjugate Midpoint of sacral promontory & centre of upper border of pubic symphysis
Measurement of diagonal conjugate 13cm
Measurement of true conjugate 1.5 to 2 cm less than diagonal
Measurement of obstetric conjugate 0.5cm less than true
Oblique diameter Upper border of SI joint to ilio-pectineal eminence of opposite side
What is the widest diameter of 1. pelvic inlet 2. pelvic cavity 3. pelvic outlet Pelvic inlet: transverse, Pelvic cavity: oblique, Pelvic outlet: AP diameter
What is the 3 main divisions of the pelvis as it relates to obstetrics? 1. pelvic inlet 2. Pelvic cavity 3. pelvic outlet
What is the AP diameter landmarks 4 the pelvic cavity? jxn of 2nd to 3rd sacral vertebrae, to centre of post surface of symphysis pubis
What is the oblique diameter landmark for pelvic cavity? lower margin of SI joint to centre of obturator membrane
AP diam landmarks of pelvic outlet? lower border of symp pub to tip of coccyx
transverse diam landmarks, pelvic outlet inner surfaces of ischial tuberosities. inner surface of ischial spines more important diameter as it is most narrow
transverse diam landmarks, pelvic cavity widest diameter
oblique diameter, pelvic outlet middle of sacrotuberous ligamnts and jxn of rami of ischial and pubic bone on opposite side
what are the 5 critical measurements of the pelvis that influence labour? 1. true conjugate 2. transverse diameter of pelvic inlet 3. diameter b/w ischial spines 4. plane of least pelvic dimension 5. suprapubic angle
Created by: IonaDel
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