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Anatomy & Physiology

Ch. 8

Parts of the brain stem Midbrain, pons, medulla oblongata
Controls body's vital functions Medulla oblongata
Contains both the thalamus and hypothalamus Diencephalon
Controls muscle dampening, muscle preset, equilibrium, and sequencing muscle contraction Cerebellum
Recognizes speech Wernicke's area
This cortex receives the basics of sound Primary auditory
This cortex deals with the fine motor skills and the preparatory stage Premotor
This cortex deals with personality, problem solving, thinking ahead and motivation Prefrontal
This cortex receives general sensory information from the whole body Primary somatic sensory
This cortex deals with facial recognition Visual association
Which cortex is the Broca's area located? Premotor
Which lobe is the gustatory area located? Parietal
Which lobe deals with being visual? Occipital
Which lobe has the auditory association cortex? Temporal
T/F: The sulci are grooves between the gyri True
T/F: The cerebrum covers the bottom of the brain False
T/F: The midsagittal section divides the brain into 4 sections False
T/F: The losing of neurons due to the lack of blood is called ischemia True
T/F: The lack of glucose is called hypoglycemia True
T/F: The olfactory cortex deals with taste False
T/F: The brain and the spinal cord make up the CNS True
T/F: Commissures are the connections of neuron axons that allow the two hemispheres to communicate True
T/F: You can regain neurons False
Describe the location in the spine of these terms: Dorsal, ventral, lateral Dorsal: in the back Ventral: in the front (belly) Lateral: in the side
The ventral horn deals with the sensory/motor/autonomic neurons? Motor
The dorsal horn deals with the sensory/motor/autonomic neurons? Sensory
The lateral horns deal with the sensory/motor/autonomic neurons? Autonomic
Explain the process of answering a verbal question Recognize that there is sound (Primary Auditory Cortex) - Recognize that someone is talking (Auditory Association Cortex) - Understand the message (Wernicke's Area) - Answer (Broca's Area)
Compare the descending and ascending pathways and their synapse locations Descending - Motor: (2 synapses) CNS -> Receptors - Upper motor -> Association -> Lower motor Ascending - Sensory: (3 synapses) Receptor -> CNS - Primary -> Association -> Secondary -> Tertiary
What does the term association mean in the cortex? Understands the received information and associates it with past memories
What does the term somatic mean in the cortex? Affects the entire body (Soma = Body)
What happened to Phineas Gage? Got stabbed by a metal bar in the head and damaged his prefrontal cortex so his personality changed
Label brain Label brain
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