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A Fordney Ch7 B

A group of insurance claims sent at the same time from one facility is known as a ___ batch
The entity that receives transmission of insurance claims, separates the claims, and sends each one electronically to the correct insurance payer is called a ___ clearinghouse
Insurance claims transmitted electronically are usually paid in 2 weeks or less
The physical components of a computer system include hardware, a mouse, a display screen
Input of data into a computer system requires the use of a keyboard
The VDT of the computer is also known as the monitor
The computer output device is the printer
Another name for instructions that make the computer perform a specific task is software
The CPU is the brains of the computer
The type of memory in which data may be stored and read but not changed is ROM
The storage capacity of a computer is measured in bytes
The smallest unit of storage possible in a computer is the kilobyte
Memory capacity is measured in kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes
Back-up copies of office records should be stored away from the office
When a medical practice has its own computer and transmits claims via modem to the insurance carrier, this system is known as carrier-direct
An individual who converts insurance claims to standardized electronic format and transmits electronic claims data is called an ECP
How long after an insurance claim is submitted electronically to Medicare must a physician's office maintain the patient's signature on file 72 months
What is the abbreviated routing slip that was developed in 1992 when the CPT evaluation and management procedure codes first made their appearance crib sheet
A computer printout that is used to look for errors before an insurance claim is transmitted electronically is called a front-end audit
Removing an error from a computer program is called debugging
Back-and-forth communication between user and computer that occurs during on-line real time is called interactive transaction
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