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Coach clark study g

Chapter 5 questions and notes

What is mental/emotional health and is it a part of yuor 3 areas of health? The ability to handle the stresses and change of everyday life in a reasonable way. YES
Define these terms: resilence, empathy, personality. Resilence: ability to cover from problems or loss.Personality:combination of attitude, feelings, likes, dislikes, abilities and health.Empathy:identifying with and sharing another persons feelings.
List the influences of personalitie Heredity, Enviorment, Behavior
What is stress? The body's response to real or imagined dangers or other life events.
There ar 2 types of stresses, name the both and define the. Positive stress, distress(negative stressPositive stress:stress that can help you reach goals.Distress:stress that prevents you from doing what you need to do, or stress that causes you discomfort.
Are being prepared for situations, planning ahead or managing your time ways to avoid stress? yes
Can you get rid of stress completely? no it's apart of you
What are the stratiges for managing stress? eat healthy, stay active, get enough sleep, relax, use time wisely, think postive
Sources of stress are:? stressors
Define fight or flight response. The body's way of responding to threats
_______ is a hormone that increases the level of sugar in the blood. Adrenaline
Define fatigue. tiredness
What are the causes of mental?emotional disorders? Drug use, brain chemistry, accidental injury, heredity
Extream fears of real or imaginary situations that get in the way of normal activities is anxiety disorder. yes
Define mood disorder. a mental and emotional problem in which a person undergoes mood swings that etream, inappropriate, or last a long time.
Define panic disorder: people experience intense feelings of fear for a short time, the body prepares for fight or flight even during and ordinary situation.
Define OCD: a person who feels that he/she must do something a certain activity.
____phobia is an exaggerated or inappropriate fear of something specific. phobia
Post-traumatic stress disorder is a reation to every traumatic event
The 2 mood disorders are: depression, bipolar disorder
Depression is: people feel that a strong sense of hopelessness, helplessness,worthless,guilt, and extream sadness.
Bipolar disorder is: involves extream mood swings for no apparent reasons.
What are the signs of mental/emotional problems/disorder? loss of appetite, neglect personal apearence, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, hearing voices, long lasting feelings of sadness
Is talking about suicide or wanting to be left alone, and interest of death or violence, saying final goodbyes warning signs of suicide? yes
Should a person thinking about ending it all be taken seriously? yes
Created by: Da1nonly jules