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Ch. 6

Book notes.

What does the AMA do? The AMA serves physicians as a national organization that provides various types of information and support.
How many Active members of the AMA are on the Council of Ethical and Judicial Affairs? Nine. Including 1 resident physician and 1 med student.
What are the four components of the AMA's Code of Ethics? *principles of medical ethics *The fundamental elements of the patient-physician relationship. *Current opinions of the CEJA with Annotations. *Reports of the CEJA
What are the four basic types of ethical problems as presented by Purtilo? *Ethical Distress *Ethical Dilemma *Dilemma of justice *Locus of authority issues
Ethical Distress is ___? a problem in which a certain course of action is indicated, but some type of hindrance or barrier prevents that action. Knowing the right thing to do, but for some reason cannot do it.
Ethical Dilemma. 2 or more course of action, each of which is right (or wrong). No matter which one is chosen, something of value will be compromised.
Distributive Justice There are benefits to be distributed among several beneficiaries.
Locus of Authority 2 agents or authorities, both think they know the best possible solution, only one authority will prevail.
what are the five steps for ethical decision making? 1. Gather relevant information. 2. Identifying the type of ethical problem. 3. Determining the ethical approach to use. 4. Exploring the practical alternatives. 5. Completing the action
What does the law require regarding abuse? It is to be reported, if not then ethical standards have been breached.
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