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Health Support Final

1-2 Final

Scapular Relating to the shoulder blades.
DVT Deep vein thrombosis.
Gastroenterologist A physician specializing in gastroenterology. The digestive system.
Hypertension High blood pressure. HTN.
Antepartum Occurring not long before childbirth.
Pyuria Pus in the urine.
Hemat/o Relating to blood.
-poiesis Making, formation.
-plasty Molding or forming surgically.
Cyst/o Relating to the urinary bladder
Atherosclerosis Fat on the walls of the arteries.
Plantar Relating or pertaining to the sole of the foot.
Flexion Bending.
Eversion Being turned inside out.
Dorsiflexion Not bending or bending back.
Inversion Being flipped.
Cubital Relating to the forearm (wrist to elbow).
Cranial Skull or cranium.
Popliteal Behind the knee.
Carpal Wrist bones
Lithotripsy The use of ultrasound to break down kidney stones.
Xanth/o Yellow.
Distal Far from the reference point.
Proximal Close to the reference point.
Colon/o/scopy To look through a colon with a small flexible camera.
Lateral Away from the middle.
Medial Toward to middle.
Superior Above.
Inferior Below.
HPV Human papillomavirus.
Polydipsia Boi, you thirsty. Excessive thirst.
Onychomalacia Softness of the nails.
Scleroderma Overproduction of collagen.
Dermatome The area of skin supplied with afferent nerve fibers by a single posterior spinal root. The lateral part of an embryonic somite.
Dermatomycosis Fungal infection of the skin or its appendages.
Chondrocyte A cartilage cell located in a lacuna of the cartilage matrix.
Dystaxia Difficulty in controlling voluntary movements.
Myoma Tumor made of muscle tissue.
Myasthenia Muscular debility or weakness.
Dyskinesia Impairment of the power of voluntary movement.
Lipid Fat
Nutr/i To feed, To eat
Hypo Under, or deficient .
-itis Inflammation.
-emia Condition having to do with the blood.
-hyper Above, or excessive.
kali- Potassium.
Dacryorrhea Excessive crying.
Macrophage Large, mononuclear cells derived from monocytes.
Ad Lib Ad libitum, to be taken as desired
-centesis Creating a surgical puncture of the body with a needle to draw out fluid.
-immunopathy Abnormal immune response.
-fasci/o Band
-tomy Making an incision.
Pneumo Relating to the lungs or the presence of air or gas.
SOB Shortness of breath.
-ectomy Act of cutting out.
Physi/o Nature, natural, physical.
Fibr/o Fiber.
Rrhaphy Surgical suture.
Episi Vulva
Trophy Food, nourishment.
Adren Relating to the suprarenal gland, or Black/dark
aer/o Air
Ism A condition or disease resulting from or involving some specified thing.
Crypt/o Secret, hidden.
Cortic/o Bark, rind.
Cystocele A bulge of the bladder into the vagina.
Tachypnea Fast respiration.
Intracellular Located or occurring within a cell or cells.
Metr/o Uterus.
Cephlodynia Headache.
EKG Electrocardiogram.
Andro Male.
Megaly Irregular enlargement.
Colonoscopy Inserting a camera into your colon.
Medial Middle.
Apiphobia Fear of bees.
Stenosis Narrowing of a passage in the body.
Sublingual Applied under the tongue.
DM Diabetes mellitus. No insulin.
Athr/o Human.
Cardiomegaly Enlargement of the heart.
Irid/o Something bent or curved. Or the colored part of the eye.
Biopsy An examination of tissue removed from a living body to discover the presence, cause, or extent of a disease.
Olfact Odor.
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