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What are the various fallopian tube sterilization techniques? Pomeroy, Kroner, Falope ring, Hulka, Wheeless
Describe briefly Pomeroy technique section of fallopian tube taken and sutured. knuckle of fallopian tube left removed
Describe kroner fimbriectomy with tying of fallopian stump
describe hulka silastic metallic clip used to occlude fallopian tube. best chance for reanastamosis
describe wheeless electocautery used to remove part of tube
describe falope ring silastic band placed around knuckle of fallopian tube. knuckle not excised
what 2 things would u want a patient to know about these procedures difficult to reverse, risk of failure, risk of ectopic pregnancy if failure occurs, alternative for long term contraception
What are the different methods of female sterilization? Fallopian: Ligation, salpingectomy, electrocautery, falope rings, clips, laser, sclerosing agents (essure, quinacrine), intratubal plugging devices
2 ways in which procedure can fail recanalization leading to intrauterine pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy
Created by: IonaDel