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What are benefits of COCPs? 1. Contraceptive efficacy 2. Relieves dysmenorrhea 3. reduces menstrual flow 4. regulates cycles 5. reduce size of simple ovarian follicular cysts 6. red risk of endometrial & ovar ca
adverse side fx of COCP Oestrogenic: thrombosis, nausea, migraines, bloating, breast tenderness Progestin: depression, breakthru bleed, decreased libido, acne, hirsutism
absolute c/i to cocp 1. undiagnosed vag bleed 2. suspected pregnancy 3. hx of VTE occurrence 4. hx of VTE disorders (factor V Leiden( 5. CAD 6. Prev stroke 7. focal & crescendo migraine 8. liver disease 9. breast/endometrial ca
relative c/i to cocp 1. obesity 2. DM 3. SCD 4. SLE 5. controlled HTN
When should cocp be ideally started first day of the menses
risks of COCP increased risk of VTE, cervical ca
how would you advise a pt about to have minor sx with cocp can use up until time of minor sx
how would u advise a pt about to have major sx with cocp discontinue 1 month b4 surgery and use alternative contraception
what side effect would you warn a pt about re inert pills withdrawal bleed
what timing would u recommend for a pt taking an ocp same time every day
what condition can affect the efficacy of ocp vomiting, diarrhoea
what medications can affect the efficacy of ocp rifampicin, griseofulvin, phenytoin, carbamazepine
what are some important points in following up pts on the pill blood pressure checks, breast anomalies, pap smear, migraines, lfts
Created by: IonaDel