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French Revolution

French Revolution French III Final Exam Review

King Louis XVI was known as the Sun King False (King Louis XIV was the beloved Sun King)
King Louis XIV was an absolute monarch True
King Louis XIV had the Palace of Versailles built and was the first king to live outside of Paris. True
King Louis XV was a beloved king. False (He was detested by the French people)
Some people blame King Louis XV for the French Revolution, even thought he was no longer in power when it began. True
The French Revolution began in 1789 True
The American Revolution began after the start of the French Revolution False (It was actually one of the contributing factors to the French Revolution's beginning)
Enlightenment philosophy can be considered a contributing factor in the beginning of the French Revolution. True
Marie Antoinette was seen as an articulate speaker and was well-liked by the French public until she said "Let them eat cake!" False (She was disliked from day one, because she was Austrian.)
The firing of Jacques Necker lead, in part, to the storming of the Bastille prison. True
The Reign of Terror was lead mostly by one man, Maximillian Robespierre. True
During the Thermidorian Reaction, many changes from the radical phase are reversed and Robespierre is executed. True
Created by: Mme Szeljack