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Endometrial sampling


indications/uses of curette Diagnostic: 1. endometrial sampling in AUB, test for infertility Therapeutic: 2. evacuation of POC, 3. removal of endometrial polyps 4 elective termination of pregnancy 5. removal of lost IUCD
non-anaesthetic complications of using curette/dilation & curettage Early:1. uterine perforation 2. haemorrhage 3. Infection 4. Air embolus Late: 4. Asherman syndrome 5. cervical stenosis
2 alternatives to curette and give advantage of each 1. endometrial aspirator (pipelle): simple in office procedure, no anaesthesia required 2. suction cannula for removal of POC: reduced risk of uterine perforation, better histological yield
How would u advise pt after d&c (expectation) 1. May have cramping 2. Spotting or light bleeding 3. May have some N&V if GA 4. period may come early or late
What would you advise a pt not to do after d&C 1. No sex or tampons until cleared by obgyn 2. Attend follow up appointment
what warning signs should a pt look out for after d&C 1. heavy bleeding or clots 2. fever 3. abdominal tenderness 4. foul smelling discharge from vagina
Created by: IonaDel