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Social Studies Final

what are the effects of the bourbon Triumvirate ? they built railroads, lowered taxes, and reduced war debt
what was Henry Grady's "new south" ? more industrialized like the North
promoted economic recovery, and allowed northers to invest in southern businesses International cotton exposition
He made the lend lease system Tom Watson
what political party was Tom Watson a leader of ? Populist Party
a case having to deal with a northern factory worker who was convicted of murder and sentenced to death but was later found innocent ? The Leo Frank Case
the 48 hour riot in Atlanta caused by economic competition Atlanta Race Riot
the Laws that were created by the government who prohibited African Americans to vote and do other stuff that white people were allowed to do Jim crow laws
this case promoted segregation Plessy vs Ferguson
he wanted educational rights before social rights Booker T Washington
he wanted social rights for African Americans above anything WEB DuBois
the first black millionaire Alonzo Herndon
Georgia's contribution to WW1 textile mills and railroads
economic factors that resulted in the great depression bank failures, overproduction, and reduction in money
pay farmers to produce less goods AAA
built schools hospitals and jails CCC
extended electrical lines to rueal areas REA
set up social security for older people SSA
what led the us into being in WW11 sinking of us ships and bombing of pearl harbor
Georgia's contribution to WW11 victory gardens and war bonds
this president had a home in warm springs flordia FDR
what helped ATL grow and develop bringing the Olympics to GA
the 3 governors who claimed to be governor after Eugene Talmage died Herman Talmage, Melvin E. Thompson, Ellis Arnall
makes laws Legislative
enforces laws executive
interprets laws judicial
steps in juvenilel justice system intake, detention, adjudicatory hearing, sentencing, and appeal
the difference between juvenile and adult court adult has a jury and bail
sources of state revenue taxes and gas
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