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EKG Review Pulmonary

EKG Review of Pulmonary Chapter 15

Mycobacterium infection are present in lungs, intestines, bones
TB can only be transmitted in ______________ phase active
The Mantoux test can be positive if Pt has a history of TB
_________ ______________ is used on finger to measure pulse rate and oxygen levels in blood. pulse oximetry
an SaO2 levels ______________% are considered normal 96-100
ABG samples are drawn by________________, _________________,______________ nurse, Dr, respiratory therapist
____________ is a common screening for TB PPD (Mantoux test)
Presence of induration indicates a _____________ PPD positive
Spirometry is also called pulmonary function test
to diagnose exercise induced asthma what test is done exercise challange
sputum specimen is collected to check bacteria, blood, abnormal cells
to detect fungal infections in respiratory system,, what test is done on sputum? KOH
The MA acts as a ____________ when spirometry test is done coach
screening test for TB in blood QFT-G
oxygen should be started when Pt's level is below 95%
Peak Flow meter test is done how many times for best result? 3
what can effect the result of a spirometry reading height, age, gender
device used for Pt's w/ sleep apnea CPAP
Less than 50% of predicated values in Spirometry test indicate____________disease severe
65%-84% indicate________________disease mild
Spirometers should be calibrated on the day the test is scheduled for
How many liters of air are used to calibrate spirometers? 3 liters
ABG testing is done to check Ph, O2, CO2
Bronchosopy is a procedure to examine specific structures in the airway
Normal PFT's should fall within ____________________% of predicated value 85% or more
Pulmonologist diagnoses and treats problems w/ lungs and airways
low oxygen level in a person is hypoxia
What is Dyspnea? difficulty sleeping
COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
The inhaler is a smalll handheld device delivers aerosol into lungs
Normal Respiratory rate in adults is 12-16
Variables effecting Pulse Ox readings are nail overlay, lighting, calluses, dry blood, dirt
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