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French Revolution

Taille a land tax
Gabelle a salt tax
Tithes a tax of 1/10 of their income paid to the Church
The First Estate Consisted of the clergy. Most were poor priests but many were wealthy bishops.
The Second Estate Was the nobility, which were extremely rich and powerful nobles.
The Third Estate Consisted of everybody else. They ranged from middle-class people to poor country people
Only members of the Third Estate paid taxes
The Enlightenment a time when French writers such as Rousseau and Voltaire put forward new enlightened ideas.
The French Revolution began in 1789
King Louis XVI was a weak king and became bankrupt after helping the American Revolution.
Queen Marie Antoinette was Austrian and was very unpopular because of her extravagant lifestyle.
National Assembly was formed by the Third Estate.
Tennis Court Oath The National Assembly swore that they would never disband until France had a constitution that would set down fair rules to govern the country.
The Fall of the Bastille happened on 14 July 1789, marked the beginning of the French Revolution.
National Guard was an armed force to defend Paris and the National Assembly against the King.
Declaration of the Rights of Man document that declared that all people are born free and equal and that law must treat everyone equally.
March to Versailles Parisian women marched that were armed with weapons such as pitchforks and axes. They forced the royal family to return with them to Paris.
New Constitution said that the Parliament should make the laws. Therefore the King tried to escape from France.
Varennes was where the King and his family were arrested.
King died by the guillotine.
Reign of Terror was when 40,000 nobles, clergy and others were killed by the guillotine
Maximilien Robespierre was the leader of the Committee of Public Safety.
Napoleon Bonaparte was an armed general that became the ruler of the country in 1804.
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